10 Online Tools That Will Help You Write Better

10 Online Tools That Will Help You Write Better Writing is one of the basic skills that every person needs to master. Whether you’re a college student, blogger, aspiring fiction author, or a professional who copes with a lot of written communications, there’s always room for growth.

10 Online Tools That Will Help You Write Better:

This is especially important for academic writing because it comes with specific and strict requirements. That’s why a lot of students struggle with an endless number of articles, research papers, or case studies. They also often lack the time to complete complex paperwork.

But it is still important to develop these skills. Today it is easy to do this with a lot of platforms and tools available online. Here are the best ones designed to help you write better.

write a paper

This service provides simple assistance in writing an essay template for you. When needed, students may choose to seek assistance from professional academic writers. These experts provide high-quality assistance in writing, editing, and correcting college assignments in the shortest possible time. This is also a great educational opportunity where an individual can get advice from experienced writers.


It is one of the best proofreading tools out there, and best of all, it is free to use. You can download it as an app or as a browser extension. You can use it online as well. The free version allows:

  • Check the rules
  • spelling;
  • Abundance;
  • Typos, etc.

After the analysis, you will also get an overall evaluation of the text based on its readability and style. There’s also a premium subscription that gives access to the plagiarism checker and more advanced tips on style, format, and word usage.

finder cliché

This online tool is an ideal one for writers who want to make their texts more reliable. It does exactly what you would expect from the name. It highlights clichés in the text so you can avoid them.

By using this on a regular basis, a person can enrich their vocabulary and learn how to express ideas clearly. It also ensures that there are no overused phrases in there.


Unpaywall is a browser extension that is especially useful for students. How it works? For example, you’ve found a peer-reviewed article or resource that you need for an article. But the full version is not available for free. This extension searches the Internet in order to find an existing free version of this text.

If it’s located somewhere, you can immediately access, read , and use it for academic research. It helps you save money and find the resources you need.

The algorithm takes information from open databases, government repositories, or online university libraries.


If you are looking for credibility, try this one. Originally, it was aimed at content creators, but it works with any type of writing. Besides plagiarism check, you find here:

  • check grammar and spelling;
  • keyword density;
  • accents (you can choose American or British English, for example, and it will highlight which words need to be changed accordingly);
  • Plagiarism Results – If there are any similar texts on the internet, you will get a link to them.

It’s an effective parser for many purposes, from making sure your text isn’t overrun with certain words to proving its authenticity.

10 Online Tools That Will Help You Write Better:

The reverse dictionary and thesaurus at OneLook

Each writer who wants to be better in his profession needs a thesaurus. But this tool works differently from the usual ones. For example, you can write not just one word but also whole phrases or even sentences. It’s pretty useful when you need a specific term that you can’t remember.

An individual can write “difficult to remember” and get all the synonyms for that phrase, such as “foggy” or “elusive”. Another amazing feature is part of the speech filter. For example, if you need an adjective, you can filter the other results.

Overall, it’s a great tool to expand your dictionary and make your writing clearer. And it’s completely free too, which is always an additional advantage.

D jargonizer

Linguistic jargon refers to specific terms that may not be known to readers who are not in a particular industry. Imagine that you are writing an article on software development and using some words that only programmers will understand.

If the article is directed at them, that’s fine. But if the target audience is readers who don’t have a software development background, that will make reading the text not so great and non-understandable for them.

This platform highlights words and phrases that are considered idiomatic and makes writing less comprehensive. It uses different colors based on the complexity of the term for the general public.

Hemingway Editor

This site is named after Ernest Hemingway, known for his straightforward style of writing. The main point of the editor is to make sure that your text is readable.

One can simply copy and paste their work here and get instant analysis. The goal of it is to get fewer points, which means your text will be easy to understand for a wider audience.

Any parts with problems are marked with different colors. They represent different issues, such as:

  • passive
  • sentences that are difficult to understand;
  • complex constructions:
  • Words have simpler alternatives;
  • unnecessary conditions.

If you use this editor regularly, you will learn how to be straight to the point and supports the clear expression of ideas. As a result, the readability of your works becomes much better.

10 Online Tools That Will Help You Write Better:

quotation machine

It is one of the most popular sites for people in general and citations in particular. This tool helps make citations easily and correctly in no time. Supports scientific citation methods and is easy to use. Just paste the source and get the result ready to paste.

This is useful not only for students but also for content creators who want their blogs or articles to be excellent and with correct quotes.

Language Tool

You can use this as a browser extension to analyze and improve your texts. It checks your grammar and spelling, which is good. It’s free to use for any paper up to 20,000 words. The tool provides comprehensive results and insights on how to improve your writing.

One feature that makes this stand out is the ability to choose the American, British, Australian or Canadian English language standards.

encyclopedic dictionary of vocabulary

Thesaurus is a popular website for anyone interested in mastering their communications. It’s very simple so that you type a word and get a list of all possible synonyms. They are marked in different colors to show how close they are to the original order. This is important because we all tend to be limited by the phrases we use most often.

Here you can search for synonyms broken down by part of speech, such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. The thesaurus provides reliable and relevant results to expand your vocabulary and reduce padding.

in summary

It is important to constantly develop and develop individual’s skills, especially when it comes to writing. Whether you want to be more successful in college or want to pursue a professional career as an author, these tools will help make that happen.

They provide a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects of the texts. Some check grammar and spelling, others reduce clichés and jargon, and still others rate originality. By using them regularly, person can become more aware of their actions, improve readability, and expand the lexicon.

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