Trading app development — What do you need to know?

Trading app development If you need to develop a commercial application, it is imperative that you know that there are development studios that can help you. They develop innovative applications for financial services.

Trading app development:

You can order from scratch or on a ready-made platform. The program is optimized for iOS and Android. We can also develop the web version of the app, which can be used on any device.

The main objective of investment applications is portfolio analysis and stock purchase. Using software for a convenient mobile device or web service, these operations can be accessed quickly and easily.

As a result, the customer receives an increase in the number of customers, improved target audience loyalty, and an additional advantage over competitors who lack convenient programs for analysis.

Trading app development:

How is a trading app useful for business

Users choose the most convenient and practical solutions. The easier and faster the access to the mechanisms, the more likely the potential customer will use the company’s services. By creating a portfolio analysis web service, the financial institution reaches a large audience of interested potential customers. These can be both professional traders and ordinary users.

Advantages of resorting to experienced developers

Efficiency and experience. They are well versed in the financial corporate infrastructure and know how to quickly integrate with authentication, trading, internal accounting systems, etc. In addition, we know how and where to obtain data for applications.

Working speed. Professional programmers get the job done quickly. A large number of specialists perform complex work in a short time.

Distinguished services. We have created a suite of software products for accounting, analysis and financial information.

Trading app development:

What features can be integrated into the Mali app

Most web services and applications related to trading and finance should have a basic set of features that includes up to 20 elements. Here are the basic functions that can be implemented in the application:

  • opening and closing the account;
  • Phone alerts
  • Financial Analytics
  • interface for displaying graphs and quotes;
  • output current market data;
  • wallet interface.
  • registration, authorization and user identification;
  • withdraw/deposit funds;
  • buy/sell shares;
  • Currency exchange.

All applications we create for wallet analysis are secured with login with digital code, touch ID, face ID and SMS. Each new project is tailored to the individual characteristics of the customer’s business.

Developers create design and graphics based on your corporate identity. Each new project develops a personalized interface that best meets user expectations and client application tasks.

It is possible to create an application based on the client platform or to develop an application from scratch. There are ready-made platforms that allow you to quickly create useful applications with patched features, ready-made modules and high security.

Order the development of the trading application and get an effective tool that will benefit your business immediately. In addition, you can include all the necessary features to solve your tasks in the application or web service.

Trading app development:

Trading App Development: How to Create a Mobile App

While pre-trained professionals can bid, anyone can invest in today’s startups, large corporations, and global brands. Trading applications are used for this purpose. This digital product allows you to perform transactions directly from your smartphone.

With the development of the cryptocurrency market, traditional trading has also started to grow. In addition, a large amount of available information, increased financial knowledge, and new technology open up new opportunities for private investors. Therefore, he will actively develop a niche.

Stock trading app is a great monetization tool. It can be used by financial companies and private entrepreneurs who want to create their own digital products. Let’s break down the trading app development process.

Choosing a niche and target audience

Before developing a trading application, you should decide where the application will be developed. Then, of course, it is possible to create a comprehensive solution suitable for all types of trading.

There are many areas in investing. Stocks, stocks, futures, mutual funds, precious metals, real estate and currencies. The blockchain market is also actively developing. Determine the direction in which you will build your product.

Choosing a niche will allow you to more accurately define your target audience. For example, if you decide to invest in virtual reality, this is a younger audience. On the other hand, mature people prefer to invest in social projects, real estate, and minerals.

Concept, framework and functions

After determining the niche and an approximate understanding of the target audience, it is necessary to develop a concept. It will allow you to “see” the product that does not yet exist and understand the result. In addition to the idea, you need to think about the framework, structure and functionality. At this point, you can follow these steps:

  • Detailed definition of goals.
  • Analyze existing solutions.
  • Create a user profile.
  • functional design.
  • Prototype

By following these steps, you will begin to turn an idea into a product. Visualization, which is a detailed plan before developing a trading application, lays the foundation for your ideas.

Trading app development:

interface design

It is difficult to create a design on your own. You need UI/UX design skills. In addition, specialists must be experienced and clearly understand what is required of them. Therefore, we recommend contacting a professional company.

To properly create a design, several things must be considered:

  • The interface should be friendly and understandable;
  • The style should remain relevant and attractive for several years;
  • Simplicity and brevity – faithful friends of the application for a trading account, creative ambitions should be left to clearer products;
  • Adaptability is a must because users have different sized devices;
  • Ideally, the design should be adaptable to other operating systems, but you need to build a cross-platform application.

personal accounts

Personal treasury helps track the efficiency of investments and track capital changes. It may be called an investor’s “portfolio”. Cabinet jobs vary a lot, depending on the goals. It could be a simple solution with minimal functionality, or a complex mechanism, where specific assets are tracked, news is pulled from global sources, and reports are generated.

Online Consultants

The basic direction of the modern financial market is to obtain timely information. Therefore, the automation process is necessary. Online consultants help with this. This is a bot that can automatically perform certain functions for the user.

data security

Since the product interacts with users’ funds, it is necessary to ensure maximum security. After all, you will have at your disposal not only personal data, but also real money and access to bank accounts. Therefore, this stock trading app will likely become attractive to hackers.

It is necessary to implement the functions of two-factor authentication, fingerprint scanning, and the use of encryption standards for financial records. Security – maximum attention.

Popup Alerts

Notifications are not the most important tool but they are easy to use. When there are changes in the market, and the user is aware of them in real time, he becomes interested in your application. Adds value. Notifying customers of changes to their account will also be helpful. It will allow the investor to conserve his capital and make timely decisions.

Changes in the price of the asset in the client’s portfolio will give him more trading opportunities. In addition, alerts about unusual activity will help protect user data in the event of a security breach.

It is worth taking care of customization and letting customers customize the alert parameters. This is an additional investment in the development of the trading application, but the customer will see the care. This trading app will stand out among many competitors.

24/7 support and help

Chatbots and automated support are great, but qualified help from real professionals ensures the success of your product. Therefore, consider at once how to organize the work of your manager so that they can provide 24-hour support to users and answer their questions on the spot.

The chatbot will take over some of the tasks. It will allow you to answer your questions: “here and now”. After all, the main problem in communicating with the customer is the slowness of the communication channels. So think about how you can implement the 24 hour support.

Trading app development:

How is the price of developing a trading application determined?

Each specialist has a rate per hour worked. The trading application development studio selects a personal team for each project, depending on the tasks. The number of developers is also determined, from analysts to project manager and testers. It would be useful if you have a designer and a few programmers. Their number is determined by the complexity of the task and the choice of technology group.

After that, a work plan is created that helps determine the approximate time of implementation of the project. For example, it can take two to three months to create a simple trading accounting application. Or it may take 6-10 months or more to complete a functional cross-functional product for investors.

The more features, the longer it takes to develop them. Accordingly, this affects the cost of the product. We will discuss your ideas during the consultation and understand the specific goals and objectives. Then we can roughly calculate the cost.

It is very costly to develop one’s own trading accounting application. But the product, if launched appropriately, quickly pays for itself and brings good profits. Evaluate the risks, and whether it is profitable for you to invest in this direction.

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