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While waiting for Iron Chef Brazil to enter the catalog of Netflix from the beginning of August, do not worry: the streaming service has many options that will please those who love good competition shows. The options are varied: from bakers trying to make unrealistic cakes to professional grillers trying to make the perfect meat. All fun to watch.

Check out some tips below for gastronomy reality shows to watch at home.

1. Final table: May best win

Netflix has perhaps the most daring project in the final table of gastronomy, the 2018 production brought together the best chefs in the world with one dynamic idea: at each event, the couple cooks the cuisine of a specific country. This includes Mexico, Spain, India, USA, Brazil and more. Although the shows want to exaggerate the duration of an hour, going beyond what it should be, the final table keeps the viewer glued to the screen, especially if they enjoy similar competitions such as Master Chef, however, the most surprising thing is that the quality of the contestants makes the show entertaining not only for competition but also for education. , chefs from around the world showcase their creations.

2. Cake group

He did not comment much on the reality show about sweets, but with the right measure of fun, there is a dynamic similar to the one shown in the final table of the baking team, each episode, a different theme. However, what has changed here is less of a competitive reality show and more of showcasing skills and entertaining the audience. There is no elimination at the end of each episode: the points obtained by each competitor, divided into fields of knowledge and the importance of thinking of delicious things for different occasions. While it’s nice to see cakes, desserts, and even sugar sculptures, it’s hard not to get glued to the screen with realistic, giant, delicious chocolate images.

3. Sugar speed

Speaking of sweets, there’s the equally entertaining reality show Sugar Rush, with the talented Adriano Zumbo and Candace Nelson judging the show, which features four different couples each competing for a prize. The idea here is to follow a thematic path and offer cakes, sweets and creative and well decorated cakes. Whoever passes through the first two stages and completes the most beautiful, delicious and amazing cake wins. Because of the versatility of the contestants, Sugar Rush’s cooking contests on Netflix are probably the most fun, light, and fun to watch. After all, in addition to various topics, the reality show brings a strict schedule, with amazing contestants for good and for bad.

4. Barbecue champions

Not to be overlooked is the delicious universe of barbecue champions, a reality show that follows the elimination format of each episode as a master chef, featuring a group of barbecue chefs who need to impress the judges of the most diverse types. The barbecue. It’s a perfect beef chip cooked on the grill. In eight episodes, contestants must demonstrate how to roast a whole pig, cook exotic meats and even build their own grill just like the old days. It’s fun and got great ratings from judges Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bledsoe.

5. is that cake

Last, but not least, is one of the latest Netflix sensations. is that cake Reality Cakes Ride the Tiktok fever and challenge bakers to create everyday-like versions of desserts. It has a wide range of fast food, beach items, clothing, toys and even party supplies. Everything is evaluated by guest judges, who try to find the right thing at the end of each event, what is the cake and what is the right item. Although the program is a little lost in jokes, it is simple and fun, which shows how amazing the cake is.

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