Anticipating PMK Outbreaks and Preventing Animal Theft, Zulfikar urges the public to always monitor and supervise their livestock

Anticipating the PMK outbreak and preventing animal theft, Zulficar urges the public to always monitor and supervise their livestock

Banggai – Head of Sub-Sector Iptu Lukman and Kapolsek Lamala Iptu Muhammad Zulkfikar Attended the 2022 APBDes Meeting Related to Assisting Livestock and Livestock for Oral and Foot Disease (FMD) Outbreak, BPU Simpangan Village District Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi, Thursday (21 /7/2022).

The event was attended by Simpangan Village Chief Ruslan Ukas, Bhabinkamtibmas Brigadier Marjekson H. Pansonge, Simpangan Village and District PPL officials and the beneficiary communities.

The attack on cattle and goats is mainly transmitted through direct contact of sick animals with healthy animals, said Lamala Police Chief Ibtu Mohamed Zulfiqar.

“This PMK outbreak is spreading through the air with intermediaries such as humans and animals,” he said.

However, Zulfikar explained, the public does not need to panic because this virus is safe for humans. And if the cattle have difficulty eating, excessive salivation, a high temperature and mouth ulcers, they should contact the veterinarian immediately.

“Therefore, report immediately if the cattle suffer from such conditions,” he explained.

Additionally, regarding security and efforts to prevent animal theft, Zulfiqar urges animal owners to always guard and check cages.

“We urge the entire community to always monitor and supervise their livestock in anticipation and prevention of animal theft,” he appealed.

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