Better Call Saul | When will Walter White and Jesse Pinkman appear in the series?

The moment all fans have been waiting for and the most anticipated to break the bad is here: Jesse Pinkman and Walter White’s appearance on Defeat.

Badare series characters Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston confirmed to participate in Better Call of Saul a few months ago and the pre-production is in its final stage.

I am the second part, with weekly episodes being released. So, you might be wondering: When will the characters appear in the final series?

Jessie and Walter have already confirmed they better call Saul.

When will Walter and Jesse appear on Better Call Saul?

It has not yet been officially announced which episode Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will appear in. Better yet, call Saul, but we only know that this will happen at the end of the season, in August.

The series finale airs on August 15, so there’s less than a month left to watch this much-anticipated episode. The producer has not revealed the status of the duo’s appearance, but we know that it will be amazing and exhausting, leaving fans helpless.

However, some rumors are circulating in the United States and suggest that this moment will happen in episode 10, which is called Snow because the actors have already been recognized, the appearance should be done in three scenes: one with only White, another with only Pinkman, and another with both.

Case Frosted will air on Netflix on July 25th in the US and July 26th in Brazil.

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