“Disabled due to the vaccine”. Compensation awarded to a 16-year-old boy

Disabled by the vaccine. Compensation is given to a 16-year-old boy

While the fourth dose of an expired vaccine is widely publicized, few reassuring facts about the efficacy and risks of the mRNA vaccine itself emerge from time to time. According to AdnKronos release, a 16-year-old boy from Pisa, a healthy athlete, after undergoing a single dose of the Moderna vaccine, developed a severe form of autoimmune thrombocytosis resulting in permanent impairment of psychosomatic integrity.

This shocking conclusion was made, after a long process, by the Military Department of Forensic Medicine in La Spezia, which recognized without a doubt the existence of a causal link between vaccination and the disabling pathology mentioned above. So the miserable young man will receive compensation from the state for the damage done to the Covid vaccine, under Law 210/92.

As AdnKronos reports, the story was spread by the Codacons, which legally helped the boy. In this regard, the Consumers Association stressed the unconditional commitment to the vaccination campaign, while ensuring that all affected citizens in the same vaccination campaign are adequately compensated.

But far from the commendable initiative of the Codacons, what happened to the sixteen-year-old from Pisa, as well as to so many other healthy people, should not be attributed to the usual cynical and deceitful fate. Here we are faced with an interesting example of collateral damage if we were to define it in this way, which could easily have been avoided just by considering the risks of contracting Covid-19 seriously for a healthy boy, as a large number of studies tend to prove that it would be much lower than those of giving vaccines mRNa mentioned above, also known as gene therapies.

It should also be emphasized that the risks have apparently not been investigated in the long term, although some scientists have been talking about them for some time with some concern. The truth is that in the frenzy of throwing away an unusual mountain of exorbitantly-purchased vaccines (€19.50 for Pfizer and 25.50 for Moderna) and all titrated on a virus, the Wuhan virus, completely mutated, a healthy population is still exposed to a whole chain of negative reactions. without providing any real protection against pathogens that are increasingly less aggressive towards even the most vulnerable components of society.

In this sense, the sacred indemnities that all the victims of the vaccine will have to receive will never be able to compensate for the social, psychological, economic and tax power damages caused by a health system, in order to force everyone to be vaccinated, therefore, even the miserable boy Pisani, imposed a distasteful Stalinist health permit. .

The imposition of a hidden vaccination obligation in fact, under pain of the intrinsic impossibility of freely circulating, represents a democratic and constitutional Vole that can never be cured by simple compensation. It wasn’t just going that far.

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