Don’t watch: One of Netflix’s most absurd scenes happened in real life

Whether you’re one of the haters or one of the best releases of 2021, we’re sure not to miss the controversial Netflix movie directed by Adam McKay and packed with Hollywood stars. Like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep.

The plot satirizes climate change Kate DiBiaskie (Lawrence), a brilliant young scientist pursuing a master’s degree in astronomy, makes a shocking discovery: a comet orbiting Earth in the solar system. is on a direct collision course with She and her teacher, Dr. Randall, are horrified by what Mindy (DiCaprio) sees, but the biggest shock comes when they try to warn the rest of the world and are met with laughter. it is.

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In fact, one of the most absurd moments in McKay’s feature film is when scientists, ignored by the White House, use a popular television news story to reveal the whole truth. The presenters, played by Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry, don’t want the destructive tone being told and treat the story as a joke.

“Aren’t we being clear?! We’re saying the whole planet is going to disappear,” Lawrence’s character warns, clearly frustrated. “Well, we try to avoid bad news here,” the anchor replied.

Unfortunately, reality can sometimes be stranger than fiction – and we saw a similar segment on a UK news show this week.

Edited and posted by a Twitter user, the above video combines DiBiaseki’s moment of great disbelief with the intervention of an actual meteorological warning, which promises to result in a series of deaths. The European summer is a recurring scenario, one that does not promise improvement and is a reminder of the dangers of the climate crisis, which will only get worse if drastic measures are not taken.

“It’s great, it’s 20ºC here,” the expert said when asked about the temperature on the road. But seriously folks, you can forget 20C early next week because it could even reach 4C. I think there will be hundreds if not thousands at the beginning of the next few weeks. The graphics are terrible. We all love good weather, but it’s going to be killer weather for a few days.

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But as the clip shows, one of the presenters is clearly uncomfortable with the expert’s speech and interrupts him saying, “I love that we’re happy with the weather.” “I don’t know what happened to the meteorologists that made them a little bit of a killer and a doomsayer,” the woman said, half joking, half seriously.

It doesn’t look up to a real situation as unbelievable as what we’ve been following, the difference is that it’s no longer fiction, which makes us wonder if we’re too naive to notice the changes. Yes, what happens in a Netflix production is extremely extreme, but it’s hard not to see the “coincidences.”

“The idea behind the film is ‘How can we clarify this urgent question? McKay clarified at the premiere after the initial negative review. “Science tells us that the problem is happening now and it’s worse than we thought. I thought it was a good way to laugh, because if you’re laughing, you naturally have a certain attitude.”

Don’t Want is available in the Netflix catalog right now.

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