Hipra will start a trial in children of its vaccine against covid-19

HIPRA will start testing its COVID-19 vaccine on children

The drug company plans to start a new clinical study in the youth group. The company estimates that its vaccine may reach the market this fall

It will test the range of the booster dose for children and teens. In the first stage in healthy children under 18 years of age and in the second stage in young immunosuppressed. The drug company Girona also announced, on Tuesday, that these tests will begin in the fall as part of a new clinical trial for these injections against the Corona virus. The formula, which has already been tested as a third or fourth dose in patients with immunosuppressive conditions, is also being tested.

“We have very strong safety and efficacy data from large-scale clinical trials in the general population. We are waiting for approval of this vaccine in Europe soon. We cannot yet give a specific date, but we believe that Hebra vaccine could be approved for the fall vaccination campaign,” he explained The director of research and development and records of the pharmaceutical company Girona during a media breakfast held this Tuesday at the Madrid Press Association.

In these times, the Spanish vaccine against covid-19 is emerging more advanced in the investigation process. Of that single, a handful managed to pass an animal test, and only one, the Hipra, made the leap and managed to advance to the end of the scientific study process. Today, moreover, it is the only Spanish vaccine to be obtained (EMA) for subsequent approval.

Clinical trials

The Hipra vaccine has shown high rates of efficacy against all variants of the coronavirus that are responsible for covid-19 detected so far: from the original vaccine from Wuhan to as with beta, delta and omicron. Recently, accordingly, high effectiveness was also noted in front of: genealogies that exist, today, practically in the whole world.

In the first clinical trials (Phase 1), who received no other immunization, and therefore, their efficacy was compared with other vaccines available on the market. In (Phases 2 and 3), the innovative Girona injection was tested as a booster dose in patients previously vaccinated against covid-19 with the Pfizer or Moderna formulations. The vaccine was also tested as a third dose. In addition, the drug company plans at the end of the summer to test it as a fourth dose.

“Hebra has shown very high efficacy as a booster”

Carmen’s room

“Hebra has shown a very high efficacy as a booster dose in patients previously vaccinated with other vaccines,” explained Carmen Camara, of the Spanish Society of Immunology. “This happens because we are thus also able to produce neutralizing antibodies that are more robust and robust,” the expert added during Tuesday’s presentation.

The immune response that is created is long lasting.

gospel generation

“As observed in other cases, the immune response generated is long-lasting. In the case of Hebra, we currently have data to support its efficacy for up to six months, but we hope the protection can last up to a year,” commented Angel Gill, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Ray Juan Carlos. Another advantage of this vaccine is that, due to its qualities, the temperature is never maintained, and it has much simpler logistics. This point will be central to the annual vaccination campaigns that are carried out in outpatient clinics,” added the health worker.

All the tests that have been carried out so far, as explained by the pharmaceutical company itself, indicate that Hebra injections against the Corona virus are effective and safe. It states that the formula has “a good safety and tolerability profile. In this sense, both Camara and Gil explained that Hebra vaccine could be a good candidate for use as a booster dose for the population over 65 years of age and immunocompromised patients. 2.6% of the Spanish population. .

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