In the Palanga race, the police handed out fines to the participants: onlookers caused accidents

At the Palanga race, the police distributed fines to the participants: spectators caused accidents

However, somewhat unexpectedly, traffic police officers entered the enclosed area of ​​u200bu200brunners with loud sirens and signals.

They arrived after the Audi S4 for Team Tarzania. Officials explained that road traffic rules also apply during the race. It turned out that this Audi was driving on the street not with registration numbers, but with a “Tarzania” promotional number, allegedly issued in Germany. In other words, with team ads.

Members of the “Tarzaniga” team claimed that they did not exceed the speed limit, only the unusual “registration number” caught the attention of the officers. The officials, who disciplined the contestants, fined them 15 euros. Officials ignored the requests of team members to take into account the circumstances (they were in a hurry to get to the commission, did not have time to put the numbers).

And here they also punished the drivers of the KTK team, who drove a BMW 325 CUP without a registration number. According to KET, these cars must be transported with a trawl.

However, after looking at the adventures of the contestants, here, after the stadium at Klaipėdos pl. The drivers of three cars had an accident, which led to an increase in traffic congestion.

Video: The participants of the “Aurum 1006 km” race were stopped by the police – they forgot a very important detail while decorating their cars

The traffic in Palanga this weekend will obviously intensify significantly due to the race, so traffic jams on the roads to the resort are guaranteed.

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