Joy King is a princess who saves herself in the new Star+ movie. it’s worth seeing?

Not always, but it’s been a while since fairy tales where their princesses need a “prince” to save their lives have taken a more progressive place. This is the premise of Princess Star Joy King’s movie which came on Star Plus last Friday (22).

Director Leigh-Van Keeto, the film takes place many centuries ago, but the idea of ​​a modern princess who must fight for herself and herself if she does not want a tragic fate.

The movie has to be one of the most watched movies in the world. star Plus later this week, and we’ll let you know if it’s worth giving this product a chance.

About the princess

In a medieval kingdom ruled by a peaceful king, the eldest princess is secretly trained in the art of war.

Having no sons, the king decided to marry his eldest daughter to the son of a royal diplomat, but the princess left him at the altar, knowing that her lover was a cruel sociopath.

Her actions provoked the anger of the rejected bridegroom, who finally took control of the castle by force, trapping the princess in the castle, with the help of mercenaries.

Knowing she can’t rely on anyone but herself to save her kingdom, the young woman will do anything to free herself, save her family, and avoid the danger of her spurned fiance.


Production on Princess began in October 2020, when 20th Century Studios bought the rights to the script from creators Ben Lusting and Jake Thornton.

The film’s distribution rights have been acquired by mainstream Disney in the United States, where the film must be part of their catalog, and in the rest of the world by Disney Plus.

The Princess launch took place on July 1 in the United States and July 22 in Latin America.

throw up

As previously mentioned, the princess star of King of Joy has become one of the most popular actresses in recent years, starring in a series that earned her an Emmy and a Netflix film trilogy, The Kissing Booth.

The film’s antagonist is actor Dominic Cooper, best known for playing a young Howard Stark (father of Iron Man) in the MCU and in both Mamma Mia!

Besides these two, there are other names in the representation. Olga Kurylenko, Veronica Ngo, Alex Reed, Ed Stoppard, Kathleen Rose Downey and others.

Is Princess worth watching on Star+?

A bad script and a very good and convincing performance is what King of Joy finds in this movie, but there is a lot of fun in the various paths of the main character, away from the impossible situations that occur in the film.

If we can judge Princess by its photography, its fight tunes and the random, absolutely hilarious and unexpected short scenes that appear amidst the chaos, we can say that this is a great movie.

But unfortunately, the production fails to develop a proper narrative, and spoils the highly predictable and shallow discussion of a young woman’s struggle for autonomy and the fall of patriarchy in the Middle Ages. It can be a complete and visual experience.

A true princess movie, but without depth, limiting the protagonists to extreme survival actions against their enemies (mostly men) and impactful phrases that say nothing but the obvious at the end.

It’s really a shame that The King and the Great Artist Princess doesn’t have rich narrative material to work with, it’s worth noting how well their characters would have done if the story had taken a simpler approach.

But, to be fair, the film improves significantly from the middle to the end, if not in the dialogues, then at least in the sense of interest in watching the story.

However, while watching the princess till the end, he realizes that the movie is not good…

If the viewer doesn’t expect much from sword fights, archery and a young woman beating herds (even hundreds) of male donkeys, this movie could be the perfect entertainment for your weekend.

Now if the desire is to do more complex and less clichés then it is better to avoid this option in Star Plus.

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