Limberský: Pilsen doesn’t have a weak point, it’s almost impossible for success not to come. The midfielders are fantastic, the defense is the best in the league

Limbersky: Belsen does not have a weak point, it is almost impossible for success not to come. The midfielders are great and the defense is the best in the league

The following week, Viktoria Plzeň will enter the Cup Qualifiers, which is really vital for the club. The Victorians must advance through at least one preliminary round to secure a place in Europe this fall. David Limberski analyzes the team’s condition before the start.

Few expected Pilsen to be in the top three of the table last season. But in the end, she surprised everyone and won the entire league. Michel Bellic built a cohesive team that quietly ran out of the championship title.

But in the summer, another difficult test immediately awaits him. It is well known that Pilsen is not doing well financially and literally depends on the income from the European Cups at the moment. However, to do so, he must progress through at least one preliminary round.

First, they will face Helsinki in the second preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League. How does David Limberski see his former team’s chances?

“I trust the boys one hundred percent. I am informed every day of what is happening in the team. It is likely that the group that cared more about the title will start, and that is good. The team is supported by excellent players, so the competition is great. Perhaps they will be stronger than last season.” Limbersk pro says with confidence

Adolf Sadek brought many reinforcements to the club. Mehmet Tijani, Philip Shehak, Martin Jedlica, Vaclav Bilali, Kristi Koss, Jean-Clement, Cadeau and Rene Didek are newly registered at Štrunkové Sady, and Jan Sikora and Libor Hulic should also remain.

“I really don’t see a weakness in the squad. He’s good in goal, I don’t even talk about defense, he’s the best for me in the league. Stręďáci is great, we have excellent and fast areas in Pilsen. I trust Choras and pods. The season will definitely reveal about Weak points, and this is quite normal. But at the beginning of the season, I see that all the positions are balanced and the players are at a good level,” Limberski is sure.

“Sportingly speaking, Bilsen is great and I think he will show up. It’s just predictions before the season, and it could also end up being relegated from the cup and eighth in the league. But I don’t think so. I see quality and strength in the team, the guys work hard for each other, they have a great team, As we used to be there. It is almost impossible for success not to come”, believes the 38-year-old Domažlice defender.

But Belsen faces a difficult task. To defend the league title he loves, “Prague”. And at the same time going to Europe, which is crucial for the future of the club. How do you deal with that?

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