Netflix undergoes historic suffocation, calls extraordinary meeting and makes tough decisions

Netflix is ​​facing a customer crisis and needs a plan B

Netflix started the second half of 2022 with some hard-to-swallow data regarding the number of customers it lost in the middle of this year. The crisis first came to the stage and with it came a huge headache for the authorities.

Despite the lack of light at the end of the tunnel, news from reporter Flavio Rico from R7 suggests that streaming services in the United States have at least one chance to run.

Netflix has begun research into selling its original movies and series to other streaming platforms and TV stations, both open-air and pay-per-view.

Only Globo has invested in contracts with major production companies in the blockbuster film industry.

Netflix has set an example in partnership with TV channels

Records Broadcast, SBT and the band, especially Silvio Santos, who have always invested in this area, have taken a step in this matter. Netflix’s proposal opened an important window for listing movies and even free-to-air streams.

The new strategy, which is still being reviewed by management, as well as a new sales package, including advertising, has become a lifeline for the financial sector.

During the crisis, the service lost at least 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, but the result was worse in the second quarter, losing 1 million subscribers.

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