The Fable of the Intelligent Squirrel and the Wicked Wolf

The tale of a clever squirrel and a wicked wolf

The story of the squirrel who was not easily deceived by wolves

Once upon a time, there was a clever squirrel named Upa. While he was eating acorns, a hungry wolf came. These wolves love to eat squirrels near their nests. So he began to persuade Oppa the squirrel.

“Wow, you’re really good at peeling walnut shells. But I know a really great squirrel. He can peel nuts with a leg up,” said the wolf.

“Me too,” said Oppa the squirrel, raising one leg.

The wolf approached Aoba and said, “I also know a squirrel that can peel a walnut while raising one of its legs and closing its eyes…”

“Oh, that’s easy! I can too!” Oppa said closing his eyes.

The wolf immediately approached and grabbed Oppa the squirrel’s hand.

“Ha ha… now it will be my meal!” The wolf cried.

Aoba remained calm and said, “The wolves, I know, want to eat me. You should thank and greet me first, before they eat me!”

“Well, I will thank you,” replied the wolf, clasping his hands together and saluting.

At that moment, the squirrel Upa immediately jumped into the tree. Wolves are upset about not playing. But he didn’t want to give up. The wolf made sense. Pick up a broad sheet of paper and pretend to read it.

“Squirrel! This is a message from the king of the jungle. My dear, I don’t understand the meaning. Please read it to me, okay…” said the wolf.

Of course I want to help you, Oppa said. “But another time, okay? You see, from the top of this tree, I saw a wolf hunter coming!” Aoba shouted loudly and pretended to be panicked.

Immediately, the wolf fled from that place. The clever squirrel laughed with enjoyment. He got down from the tree, collected acorns, and then ran to the nest.

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