The loss of the Y chromosome weakens the heart of men

Loss of the Y chromosome weakens the heart of men

Aberration – this genetic abnormality affects 40% of people over 70 years of age and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Y chromosome, found only in humans, can disappear with age. If it comes as a surprise, then this fact has already been known for a long time. This genetic abnormality, which does not affect all men or all cells of the body, has long been considered a minor sign of aging.

However, several studies in recent years have shown that men who lose the Y chromosome have a shorter life expectancy and an increased risk of developing cancer, cirrhosis and liver disease. Simple correlation or true causation? So far the question remains unresolved.

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A study published in Science offers the beginning of an answer by explaining how this chromosomal loss leads to deteriorating heart performance. An important discovery that could open new avenues for research into age-related diseases in men.


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