This type of coffee is good for intestinal health

This type of coffee is good for gut health

For people with intestinal health problems, alcoholic beverages are usually avoided. According to nutritionists, there are types of coffee that are safe to consume for gut health.

It is a favorite drink of many people and entered into the lifestyle. The types of coffee that are commonly consumed are also very diverse.

If you want to stay healthy and benefit as you can taste, many people take black coffee without goulash. Because black coffee is high in antioxidants.

It is known that coffee has a bitter taste, but there is a feeling of bitterness when consumed. This sour taste makes some people avoid coffee, especially those with digestive health issues such as GERD or stomach ulcers.

In a report from Well and Good (22/7), nutritionist Amanda Socida explains that coffee is beneficial for people with intestinal health problems. Like the kind of cold brewed coffee or cold brew that still makes digestion comfortable.

“For people with acid reflux, I recommend trying cold coffee drinks to see if they tolerate them well,” Socida says.

“Cold brewing can have a lower acidity level because the brewing process uses cold water. So a cold brew can be softer to drink than hot coffee.”

Not only can the acidity level of the coffee be seen from the way it is brewed, but the roasting process of the coffee beans can also be a limiting factor. Research shows that the darker the roast, the lower the acidity of the coffee.

Cold coffee is found in many well-known coffee shops. If you want to make it yourself at home, it is very easy to practice.

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