“Wolf Pack”: Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in “Teen Wolf” spinoff

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to the world of the fantasy series. The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress is shooting a TV series called “Teen Wolf” called “Flock of Wolves,” the announcement was made Thursday (7/21) at “Teen Wolf: The Movie” Comic Con in San Diego, USA.

In the show, Sara said that she is one of the producers of “Wolf Pack” and who is filming the show in Vancouver, Canada. She even said that she was looking forward to the visit of Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin on the set “I feel like part of the family”, the two were on the panel to talk about the film. It is not known, in fact, that it will be foreign among the programs.

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Christine Ramsey.

“Wolf Pack” tells the story of teenagers who encounter a supernatural creature during a wildfire. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character is a detective named Christine Ramsey.

Website Christine released a statement. According to the outlet, he is a highly respected professional and brought by the authorities to investigate the fire. The character statement says that he is no stranger to “personal injury”.

The list includes Chloe Rose Robertson, Tyler Lawrence, Gremni Jackson and Bella Shepard, along with “Teen Wolf” producer Jeff Davis as part of a series deal signed with MTV Entertainment Studios through 2021. The contract has been awarded to several projects, including “Teen Wolf: The Movie” and a new series. “Wolf Pack” has no premiere date yet.

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