López Gatell accuses pharmaceutical companies of pushing covid vaccination

López Gatell accuses pharmaceutical companies of pushing covid vaccination

The person in charge of combating the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico, Hugo López Gatel, accused pharmaceutical companies on Monday of “pressing” governments for regular vaccinations against the coronavirus. He stressed that there is still no scientific evidence to support this practice.

“The pharmaceutical industry, which has clearly made huge profits from selling vaccines, is pushing that perspective and putting pressure on national governments and possibly international health organizations,” Lopez Gatell told Efe during the OAS health conference. Health (PAHO), held in Washington.

However, the Mexican undersecretary for prevention and health promotion noted that at the moment there is “no solid scientific evidence to support” that it is necessary to vaccinate every year against Covid-19.

Lopez-Gatell stressed that in “the vast majority of respiratory viruses, periodic vaccination is not required” and believes that the influenza or influenza model, which does not require annual vaccinations, should not be applied with the SARS virus. . two.

Lopez Gatell accuses pharmaceutical companies

For this reason, he recommended “the population of the world to be careful” with this hypothesis which he sees as being “overwhelmed by other kinds of interests”.

Lopez-Gatell estimated that the COVID-19 pandemic was “in recession” in much of the world, although he cautioned that there was a “high probability” that Mexico and other countries would see a new wave of infections as the virus arrived. Cool, between November and January.

However, he highlighted the degree of vaccination coverage against Covid-19, which in Mexico represents 87% of the eligible population, as something “extremely positive”, which allowed to change the “epidemic picture”, reducing serious diseases and deaths. .

Regarding the words of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who said in a recent interview that the epidemic is over, Lopez Gatell believed that the press had “exaggerated his statements.”

For the Mexican undersecretary, the pandemic is moving from an “emergency state” requiring exceptional measures to a “continuing state” with more routine health measures

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