10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Toyota Crown, Ford Mustang Put the “D” in “Dominate”

10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Toyota Crown, Ford Mustang Put the “D” in “Dominate” It opened in Detroit last week and runs through Sunday, giving auto shoppers and car enthusiasts a non-sneaky preview of what they can expect to see at many dealerships in the coming months. Among these new and upcoming models is something unusual for the Toyota Crown 2023: not a coupe, not a crossover, not a large sedan, but the selection and selection of the characteristics of each of them to create a unique car for an equally unique buyer who is not entirely interested in a crossover or a sedan.

10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Toyota Crown, Ford Mustang Put the “D” in “Dominate”

In the most popular news article on last week, reviewer Aaron Bragman — who came close to the crown at the Detroit show — assesses the look of the all-new Toyota with its great looks, curved looks and high stance. In addition to containing a box similar to the sedan. Bragman praised Toyota’s uncharacteristically bold styling choices, but lamented the confusing lack of headroom for a body style one would assume would favor such amenities. Overall, it’s a quirky, lovable alternative for someone interested in flouting mores—exactly, if there is anyone, it remains to be seen.

For more details on the Toyota Crown 2023, follow the link below for this week’s #1 news story.

The Motor City Auto Show makes a big showing in this week’s countdown to the most read articles, with Detroit’s 2024 Ford Mustang coming in third. And the fourth place. Bragman was also personally introduced to the redesigned seventh-generation “Stang” – a skilful blend of traditional and technology, designed to appeal to these kids today without encroaching on people’s old garden. The iconic pony car, which harks back to what would be its swan song, boasts an enhanced interpretation of its familiar vintage exterior design plus a realistic powertrain, along with a technical interior that eschews all but classics. Meanwhile, the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse is on its way to infuse the next generation of the GT with high-performance capability on the road and track thanks to its 5.0-liter V-8 engine that delivers an expected 500 horsepower.

For full scoops of the Ford Mustang and Mustang Dark Horse 2024, follow the links below for our 3 and 4 news stories of the week, respectively.

On top of that, we have headlines about the Dodge Hornet and much more – so don’t stop reading until the numbers double.

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