2023 Honda Civic Type R Tracks in 315 HP, Tech Upgrades

2023 Honda Civic Type R Tracks in 315 HP, Tech Upgrades Honda recently unveiled the new 2023 Civic Type R, giving us a look at the restyled hot hatch exterior and interior with the promise of enhanced performance. The automaker left a few “minor” details in its reveal—namely, the Type R performance specs. Now, Honda has shared more information about the hatchback’s powertrain and performance upgrades along with new track and street-oriented technology features.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Tracks in 315 HP, Tech Upgrades

Performance upgrades for the Type R include a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that now produces 315 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque (up from 306 hp and 300 lb-ft in the previous model). The company says the improvements come via a redesigned turbocharger, higher air intake flow rate and a more efficient exhaust, making it the most powerful Honda commercial vehicle has ever been sold.

The engine is mated to a six-speed, which returns as the only hatchback option. In the A, we found the transmission to be best-in-class, and Honda now claims it’s even better: a lighter flywheel and a revised rev-matching system improve cornering stability, while the high-rigidity transmission shift lever provides more precise gear changes.

To boost performance even more, Honda says the chassis and wheels have been redesigned. The Hot hatch grows 0.8 inches longer, 0.5 inches lower and 0.6 inches wider than its predecessor, and rides on 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels with wider sport tires. The front and rear tracks also grow by an inch and 0.75 inches, respectively.

A host of other improvements include reconditioned brakes with improved cooling, two-piece front brake rotors to reduce loose weight, and a retuned brake booster for better control. Increased body stiffness, and a retuned suspension system are designed to improve stability and steering. Joining the previously available driving modes (Comfort, Sport and R Plus) is a single mode that provides a more customizable driving experience. Visible tweaks include a new front bumper, wider rear doors, a new rear wing and a diffuser designed to reduce drag.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Tracks in 315 HP, Tech Upgrades

The familiar red interior of the Type R returns with some new technical features. The 10.2-inch digital instrument panel combines an information display with a tachometer and a gear position display, according to Honda. The R Plus selector mode gauge and illuminated tachometer display the engine rpm for driving performance.

The Honda LogR Performance Datalogger uses information from the on-board computer to provide performance feedback, log lap times, and monitor acceleration and steering to help drivers improve their track driving skills. The system is now an in-vehicle application in the new Type R; A smartphone app is no longer required.

The larger 9-inch 2023 Type R touchscreen now comes with connectivity. Other standard features include wireless charging, a Bose 12-speaker premium audio system, and built-in navigation with voice recognition. The suite of driver assistance technologies also returns.

Pricing and release date


2023 Honda Civic Type R Tracks in 315 HP, Tech Upgrades

The 2023 Civic Type R is expected to go on sale in the fall, and pricing will be revealed as its arrival date approaches. The hot slot will compete with performance-oriented competitors including, . The 2022 WRX starts at $30,600, the 2023 GR86 at $28,995 and the 2022 Golf R at $45,185, so expect the Type R to fall into that range.


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