2023 Toyota Corolla Updates Mean More Money (Except for the Hybrid)

2023 Toyota Corolla Updates Mean More Money (Except for the Hybrid) The price is now available for the Toyota Corolla 2023 range (without the separate Corolla crossover and the Corolla traction), which the automaker updated for the New Year. Sedan, hybrid and hatchback all have a refreshed exterior design, updated interior technology and improved safety features, while the Corolla Hybrid also adds an available all-wheel drive system. Unsurprisingly, this could make the 2023 Corolla of your choice more expensive than a comparable 2022 model, especially with the base L being scrapped — even though the Hybrid LE’s price actually drops.

2023 Toyota Corolla Updates Mean More Money (Except for the Hybrid)

Also worth noting is the apparent elimination of manual transmissions from the sedan and hatchback (again, with the exception of the GR Corolla). It also appears that the XLE and Apex sport sedan have joined the L on the sedan chopping block. Meanwhile, the Corolla Hybrid is adding SE and XLE trims to the 2023 roster, along with optional all-wheel drive for the LE and SE.

We’ve detailed the changes in the link above; Below is the pricing. All prices in parentheses are increments unless otherwise noted. The most expensive 2023 Corolla right now is the gas-only LE sedan, starting at $22,645 (all prices include destination), up $1,125 from the 2022 liter and $675 a jump from 2022 EGP.

2023 Corolla Sedan

  • fairy: $22,645 ($675)
  • SE: $25,045 ($1,075)
  • XSE: $27,795 ($375)

Corolla 2023 Hybrid

  • fairy: $23,895 ($1,250 decrease)
  • LE (AWD): $25295 (new for 2023)
  • SE: $26,295 (new for 2023)
  • SE (four-wheel drive): $27,695 (new for 2023)
  • XLE: $27,695 (new for 2023)

2023 Corolla Hatchback

  • SE: $24,060 ($700)
  • XSE: $27,525 ($1215)

The Corolla 2023 has a much lower starting price than the a, which starts at $25,745 for a sports sedan, but the SE ($21,645) and sedan ($22,115) have prices lower than the base 2023 Corolla.

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