Beware of sudden diabetes, weight loss and abdominal pain of unknown origin.

Beware of sudden diabetes, weight loss and abdominal pain of unknown origin.

In Gazi Yasargil Training and Research Hospital, which has been serving the people of the region since 2010, endoscopic ultrasound is performed for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Gastroenterologist Berat Ipek noted that there is a noticeable increase in cancer cases compared to previous years, noting that one of the most important of these cases is pancreatic cancer.

There is no treatment that affects advanced pancreatic cancers, Ebeck said, and this leads us to the importance of early diagnosis. If pancreatic cancer is caught early, treatment options increase. It could be important in terms of surgery or in treatment with newly developed anti-chemotherapy drugs,” he said.

“We can quickly diagnose and start treating the patient at the early stage.”

Ebeck emphasized that for early diagnosis, patients with a family history, new diabetes, weight loss, and unexplained abdominal pain should apply to internal medicine or gastroenterology clinics without delay and, unfortunately, cannot be detected at an early stage of imaging. Ultrasound of late cancer patients. With a technology called endoscopic ultrasound, which is available in our hospital, we can easily detect these tumors at an early stage.

Beware of sudden diabetes, weight loss and abdominal pain of unknown origin.

We also have the option of taking a biopsy as soon as it’s found. Thus, we can diagnose quickly and start treating the patient at an early stage. Endoscopic ultrasound was not available in our hospital in previous years. It has just been used. We currently perform 4-5 endoscopic ultrasounds per day in our hospital. Our operations are performed under anaesthesia. This procedure is performed only in Gazi Yasargil Training and Research Hospital in our region. When our patients apply, if ultrasound endoscopy is needed, we can do it in a short time under sedation.” He said.

“We apply endoscopy to 1,500 patients annually”

“Awareness is important for this disease. Unfortunately, if it is diagnosed late, there are not many treatment options. That is why we draw attention to the importance of early diagnosis.” Ebik said. We perform endoscopic ultrasound on an average of more than 1500 patients annually. Recently, we diagnosed pancreatic cancer in 2-3 patients per week on average. Unfortunately for us, this is a high rate and it is increasing day by day. Patients with the symptoms you mentioned are referred to at least one outpatient clinic for internal medicine, and if symptoms develop after general examinations, patients are referred to us quickly. After the necessary examinations, we make the diagnosis with an endoscopy with ultrasound. ” He said.

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