Can a retiree remain with the company’s health plan?

Can a retiree remain with the company’s health plan?

A health plan is an optional benefit that companies give to their employees, so that they can maintain health care during the employment period.

But what happens to those who retire? Can the company’s health plan continue?

The answer is, it depends.

This is because, in and of itself, it does not put an end to the employment contract. It is possible to continue working for the same company even after retirement. And even for those who stop working, there are some circumstances in which it is possible to stay in the HMO.

Next, understand under what circumstances the health plan can be continued after

  1. If the employee continues to perform his work duties in the company. That is, the employment contract is still valid and so is the health fund;
  2. If you stop working, you can continue with the plan, as long as you are responsible for the cost. In this case, the employee must have also contributed to the plan’s monthly fee while working.

If the company has covered the monthly expenses alone, the law does not allow for continuity of coverage.

How long can I stay on a health care plan?

In the event of termination of the employment contract, the law allows the employee to maintain the plan, provided that the full cost is paid:

  • For life, if you have contributed to the monthly fee for ten years or more;
  • For a proportional period, if you have contributed to the monthly fee for a shorter period

“If the employee pays the health plan for at least 10 years, use is for life or until the company terminates the contract with the company providing the service,” says labor rights attorney Lariane R. Del-old,

How is payment made?

An employee who retires and no longer performs work functions will have to pay 100% to pay the health plan. If you retire and continue to work, the plan will remain in the same format as before

Can I receive my salary and salary at the same time?

According to the lawyer who specializes in social security law, Joao Badari, a worker who is still active can receive a salary and salary normally. However, the beneficiary will have to continue to contribute to the National Institute of Social Security with the profession they practice.

Can dependents also continue on the health plan?

All dependents can remain in the HMO on the same terms as the holder, but the employee is responsible for the monthly payments.

What to do if the company or agreement does not respect your rights?

If the company does not respect the rights to maintain the plan, the employee can seek a union of his class, the Department of Labor and even file a labor claim.

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