Chinese scientists receive confusing cosmic signal

Chinese scientists receive confusing cosmic signal

Unexpected observations of a series of fast radio bursts (FRBs) challenge the prevailing understanding of the physical properties and key drivers of these strange objects. cosmic signs.

FRBs are millisecond-long cosmic explosions that produce energy equivalent to the annual output of the Sun. More than 15 years after the discovery of the world’s first electromagnetic radio wave, deep space pulsations with their bewildering nature continue to fascinate scientists, and recently published research deepens the mystery surrounding them.

Observations were made at Re-Investigation in late spring 2021 using the Large Aperture Ball Five Hundred Meter Radio Telescope (FAST) in China. The team, led by Heng Shuo, Qijia Li and Subo Dong of Peking University and Weiwei Zhou of the National Observatory of Chinese Astrology, together with Zhang, detected 1,863 blasts in 82 hours over a 54-day period from a fast radioactive blast source called the FRB. 20201124 a.

“This is the largest sample of FRB data with polarization information from a single source,” Lee said in a statement.

Recent observations of fast radio bursts from our galaxy, the Milky Way, show that they come from a magnetar, a dense neutron field bintang the size of a city with a very strong magnetic field.

Chinese scientists receive confusing cosmic signal

On the other hand, the origin of the distant cosmic radio burst is still unknown. And the last note left scholars wondering what they think they know about them.

“This record brings us back to the drawing board,” said Zhang, who is also the center’s founding director. Nevada astrophysics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“FRB is certainly more enchanting than we could have imagined. More multi-wavelength observational campaigns are needed to better reveal the nature of these organisms.”

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