Fans Criticize Expensive Netflix Movie Featuring Marvel and Stranger Things Stars

Fans Criticize Expensive Netflix Movie Featuring Marvel and Stranger Things Stars After billions of dollars in losses, layoffs, and constant customer losses, many expected a cost-effective system. However, the film proved to be completely different from the strategy of the Electric State – the protagonist and the weird – advertising platform.

Netflix subscribers do not like Electric Power.

The ad has caused a great deal of controversy on social media. Good subscribers did not accept the new Netflix project. Check out some of the responses below:

“One Bad Dragon Movie, One Feature with Chris Pratt, All Netflix Projects. There are no drama movies or popular roles. Millie, do you want a career? Milli Bobby Brown commented on a recent project.

There is good criticism of Chris Pratt’s film, which is seen by many viewers as Marvel’s “Worst Chris.”

“Finally, we have the opportunity to see the story of Simon Stlenhag. But it’s a Netflix project with Chris Pratt. Simon’s Books The universe is beautiful, with a rich myth. Chris’s acting is less active, and Netflix is ​​less. I could not handle an important project, ”commented another admirer.

“Not because I don’t like Chris Pratt, but because he has been involved in everything recently! I am tired of seeing you everywhere. Sometimes it is good to see new faces. According to a Netflix subscriber, Adam Sandler or Dawai Johnson.

Another viewer said: “I have never heard of a movie I want to see less.

“Millie has to win independent projects and awards at film festivals. Chris Pratt and Netflix did not make the tenth film, ”commented another client.

Electric State has no release date on Netflix. In the meantime, you can watch Season 4 of Stranger Things on stage. See initial responses below.

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