Ferrari Unveils 2023 Purosangue: The Car It Said It Would Never Build

Ferrari Unveils 2023 Purosangue: The Car It Said It Would Never Build Everyone has an SUV these days, and we’re not talking about your neighbors. We are talking about traditional luxury car brands that cater to the needs of very The rich among us (which, again, aren’t your neighbors statistically). It has Bentley, a Lamborghini re-engineered and an Audi Q8, and it has a lavish Rolls-Royce. But Italian sports car maker Ferrari refused to participate, swearing the SUV was not at all in keeping with the brand’s ethos, ethos or desires. However, with this additional revenue stream pulled in really hard to ignore and Porsche very We managed to open the door for sports car makers to create SUVs with the original Cayenne 20 years ago, and we all thought it was only a matter of time before Ferrari acquiesced, too. So they have: See the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue.

Ferrari Unveils 2023 Purosangue: The Car It Said It Would Never Build

But here’s the thing: It’s like what you can get from a luxury SUV. Even Ferrari refuses to refer to it as an SUV, preferring instead to call it a car. The Purosangue’s design details underpin this: It’s not off-road capable, it doesn’t have additional ride height adjustments or trail modes, there’s no low-range transfer case, and its all-wheel drive system only works in the first four of its eight speeds. to send. For all intents and purposes, the Purosangue is a lift, slightly larger with a larger torso.

What distinguishes it?

First of all, let us help you with how to pronounce its name: Purosangue (“puh-roh-SAN-gway”), which literally means “pure blood” but is usually translated from Italian as “purebred”, as in racehorses. It is Ferrari’s first four-door model; There are other four-door Ferraris out there, but they are all bespoke jobs commissioned by big fans like the Sultan of Brunei for beaucoup dollars. This is a first that Ferrari has done itself, and it’s a little special in this respect as well: the rear doors open “suicide style” like Cullinan’s car. The Purosangue is purely four seats too; There’s no bench seat option for a fifth passenger in it, though those rear buckets fold flat to increase the car’s load capacity.


Ferrari Unveils 2023 Purosangue: The Car It Said It Would Never Build

Yes, it can carry four people in comfort (unlike Ferrari’s other four-seater projects) and luggage – but that makes it ordinary rather than exceptional. What makes it special is what’s under the hood: a legendary 6.5-liter V-12 engine located at the rear of the front axle line, producing a whopping 715 horsepower and 528 pound-feet of torque.

This is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and is steered by Ferrari’s unique 4RM-S AWD system shared with the GTC4Lusso, enhanced with software controls from the SF90 Stradale. This is a somewhat unusual AWD system: it only powers the first four gears of the transmission, directing power to the front and rear wheels as needed, but sends everything to the rear wheels in fifth through eighth gear. It also combines its efforts with a few other systems, notably the standard rear-wheel steering, electronic rear differential control, and the 8.0 Side Slip Angle Control system that all manage to smoothly distribute torque to whichever wheel needs it most.

But then again, this is an AWD system meant for managing the vehicle on wet, icy or dry pavement – the practical word is Sidewalk. There are no off-road or towing modes because these are simply activities you wouldn’t do with Ferrari.

Designed for sport and leisure

The Purosangue building is also interesting. It uses an aluminum frame design with selectively positioned aluminum and high-strength steel inserts over which an aluminum and carbon fiber chassis is placed. The roof is made entirely of carbon fibre, which Ferrari says weighs 20% less than a similar aluminum roof. All of this is meant to help keep mass low in the car and improve handling.

This maneuverability is managed by a new active suspension system that uses Multimatic True Active Spool dampers, found on high-performance versions of Chevrolet Camaro and GM off-road pickup trucks. By utilizing an impressive array of sensors, pumps and 48-volt actuators, Ferrari’s system manages every aspect of suspension performance, according to the company.

Inside, the seating position is the first clue that it’s not a typical off-road SUV. Ferrari says that despite the Purosangue’s higher driving style in general, the seats are set very low on the inside, which makes it more in line with it being the largest four-seater sports car of any crossover. The design of the dashboard is also unique: the driver’s controls and displays are similar to the SF90, with most of the required functions integrated into the touch steering wheel. There is also a Mannettino switch, allowing the driver to change driving modes while pretending to be a Formula One racer, while there are gearshift switches to change gears if desired.


Ferrari Unveils 2023 Purosangue: The Car It Said It Would Never Build

Oddly enough, there is no center panel display or touch screen. Instead, the front seat passenger gets a large 10.2-inch touchscreen in front of them that displays almost everything the driver sees. There are also no buttons to control; Everything is capacitive touch either through the controls on the console or on the steering wheel itself.

All four seats are adjustable and heated, and everything is covered in high-quality leather, real metal and optional carbon fiber with a unique copper texture. If you’re feeling a little different, you can skip the carpet and leather traditionally used for Ferrari’s floor lining and opt for a high-strength fabric typically used for military uniforms. All the usual luxury trims are available, of course, like the Burmester 3D sound system, massage seats, and a first for Ferrari, an optional electric glass roof.

So when is the newest dancing horse at your local luxury shopping mall going to be? Ferrari hasn’t officially provided any timing or pricing, but Scuttlebutt says it will start production in late 2022, with a US arrival in late 2023 with a starting price of perhaps around $400,000. But as with all new Ferraris, unless you previously Own one and have been invited to buy a Purosangue already, you will likely have to wait a little longer, as Ferraristi’s quiet sales have opened for months for the first models. Who do you know? Perhaps your neighbors will surprise you.

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