Griselli defends network neutrality review to unlock 5G

Griselli defends network neutrality review to unlock 5G Team CEO Alberto Griselli will launch the Telebrasil Panel on Tuesday, May 28, to assess the neutrality of the telecommunications chain as a way to balance the potential of the 5G ecosystem. Defended. It is estimated to generate $ 590 billion a year for the economy. According to him, OTTs consume 80% of the traffic generated without contributing to the creation of the network.

In countries such as the United States and South Korea, Netflix has entered into trade agreements with operators Comcast and SK Telecom in order to provide better quality services to its customers. AT&T and Vodafone, both from the United Kingdom, provide different services to customers, such as aviation, banking and OTT, free of charge. Offer low and high quality services at different prices. ,

Griselli defends network neutrality review to unlock 5G

“We need to move from pure neutrality to the next neutrality, where OTT supports the network financially and the customer chooses what works best for him,” Griselli emphasized. To that end, eliminating inequality leads to equitable profitability in the value chain, making the service more flexible. Executive Anatel said he already understands this and is beginning to discuss the transition to neutrality.

Griselli said that over the past 12 months there have been significant changes for the development of the region, such as reorganizing the sector, releasing it in an organized manner with OI Move, for the benefit and value of government customers. And the development of competitiveness based on giving more attention to the user. The second, according to him, is a 5G bid focusing on service expansion, infrastructure and job creation.

The third point is the BRL investment of Rs 38.5 billion in 2021, which was implemented before the epidemic and may continue at this rate in the coming years. He said the sector has created 17% more direct employment than 2019 and is growing below inflation. “This shows the region’s strong resilience and centrality in the Brazilian economy,” he said.

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