Kate Bush comments on the sudden success of her music while appearing on Stranger Things

Kate Bush comments on the sudden success of her music while appearing on Stranger Things kate bush Thank you to the fans of the strange things that ‘revived’ their success in 1985 because of the new season.

Singing Running That Hill plays an important role in Max’s character. (Sadie Sink) For the fourth time in a row, and as a result, it has caught the attention of a Netflix audience.

Two days after the new episode, the song was downloaded from the Apple Music Store and returned to the top of the list 40 years after its release.

Kate is praising Seneca and commenting on the new season, which she says is a big fan. View the artist’s full message

“You must have heard the latest blockbuster news from Netflix. It contains that hill song that gave new life to young fans who love the show, and I love it! As a result, racing on Hill Hill has topped the charts worldwide in eighth place in the UK chart. All this is so much fun! Many thanks to all who supported the song. I look forward to catching my breath for the rest of the race in July. ,

Max appeared for Stranger Things (Netflix) in the new movie trailer.

Singers were very careful with the license

Sony CEO Wendy Crowley said in an interview that the acquisition of the series was “very detailed” and that it was in detail with the music director Nora Felder. According to her, Kate will not allow any production to use her songs and she wants to know everything before you agree.

“She wanted to make sure it was possible before convincing the Duffer brothers about the idea, as the song is central to Max’s story. Kate Bush is very selective when it comes to licensing her music, so we have provided her script pages and recordings to review and visualize how the music is actually used.

Part One of Strange Things Part 4, Available Now, 7 Episode Netflix, Volume Two, with the last two episodes, July 1 continues.

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