Netflix confirms ‘Round 6’ season 2

Netflix confirms ‘Round 6’ season 2 Netflix confirmed the second episode of South Korea’s ‘6 Round’ series on social media this afternoon (12). The official announcement comes eight months after the release of the first season in streaming platform history.

In the video showing the puppet’s eye, “French fries, 1, 2, 3…”, the stream shows the giant number “2” in the student. check out:

Chapter 1 took 12 years to make the 6th round, but within 12 days it became the most popular series on Netflix. As the author, director and editor of Round 6, I would like to thank all those around the world who have watched and enjoyed the series. Thank you! ”Series creator Hwang Dong-Haik wrote in a statement on the platform.

He then announces. “G-Hyun is now back. The leader is back. Chapter 2 will begin soon. The person who is addicted may be back with Dadakji. You will also find Young-hee’s boyfriend Chel-Sun. Get ready for the round! ” He added.

The distribution platform has been verified on social media. Image: Netflix / Publication

The first season of ‘Round 6’ consists of nine parts. Of these, 456 people won $ 45.6 billion, or $ 208.5 million in prize-winning games. The first part ended with more hooks, with the main character Seong Ji-ho, player number 456, played by Lee Jung-ja, giving the series a run.

He is a divorced driver, a sports addict and hired to compete for the prize. His ex-wife moved to the United States with her son. He hesitates, but it is recorded. Seong is the winner of the race and is ready to board the plane. But at the last minute he turned to the authorities to lead the game.

Launched on September 17, the Jogo da Lula series took a total of 1.65 billion hours in the first four weeks alone, including the original.

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