New generation migraine drugs are seen as revolutionary for physicians

New generation migraine drugs are seen as revolutionary for physicians

Migraines have a reputation for always being at the top of the list of disabling illnesses. Experts say that migraine pain relief has different properties than other pain relief. In migraine attacks, migraine-specific medications (which do not work for any pain other than migraine and are often effective for migraine pain) are recommended in addition to conventional pain relievers. Neurologist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ertaş stated that there are different options in the treatment of migraine, reducing the frequency and severity of attacks or eliminating them completely, and gives important information on this topic.

What happened in the last 19 years?

Ertaş said, “19 years ago, in migraine pain, in addition to pain relievers, a revolutionary development specific to the relief of migraine attacks, the ‘triptan’ group of medicines was launched. Until two years ago, there was no revolutionary development in the treatment of attacks. Among the migraine treatment options, the history of therapeutic drugs with a migraine-specific mechanism (which has no effect on any other disease) that were developed for the direct treatment of migraines dates back just over 4 years ago.This new treatment is “headache antibody needles” Migraine”, also called “migraine vaccine”, 4 different antibody needles are currently used in the world. Two of these needles were sold in our country more than a year ago. The main function of these antibody injections is to neutralize a substance called CGRP, which causes Pain in migraine and caused inflammation of the cerebral cortex and cerebral vessels, for a month.

What is the advantage of this medical kit?

The drugs called the “GEPANT” group, which is an alternative to the “Triptan group” migraine pain relievers, which was first approved two years ago, have the same function as the migraine antibody needles. These drugs work against CGRP, just like needles for migraine antibodies, binding to and neutralizing the places where this substance binds to create an effect.

the professor. Dr. Mustafa Ertas

New generation migraine drugs are seen as revolutionary for physicians

It should be taken orally, as with pills

the professor. Dr. Mustafa Ertaş describes the drug group “Gepant”, which has been on sale with three different drugs in the past two years, as “revolutionary” and says: “As a characteristic of migraines, take all kinds of painkillers frequently (eg, 10 days a month or more)” Makes migraines more frequent and day in and day out Excessive or causes them to occur every day This is called “headache caused by overuse of pain relievers.” This is a condition specific to migraine patients. The most important difference between these newer drugs, called Gepant group Drug addiction, which is found in other drug groups, is absent in this group of drugs. For this reason, this group of drugs, which are used as tablets, can be used by Oral route, every other day or every other day as a prophylactic for migraine headaches as well as in the treatment of seizures.

There are positive consequences in side effects

It is reported that these drugs, which contain molecules called “Ubrogepant”, “Rimegepant” and “Atogepant”, which also have positive attributes in terms of side effects, are currently on sale only in the United States. the professor. Dr. Mustafa Ertaş said: “We hope that it will be obtained from pharmacies in Turkey within one year after European countries. After a 15-year hiatus in the treatment of migraines, the revolutionary steps taken in the past four years have provided us, the doctors, with very powerful weapons to overcome on disease.

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