Nissan Certified Select Stretches CPO Program to 10-Year-Old Cars

Nissan Certified Select Stretches CPO Program to 10-Year-Old Cars Shoppers looking for a Nissan vehicle will now have more options to choose from. The automaker announced an expansion of its CPO program that includes higher mileage vehicles up to 10 years old. The new program, called Certified Select, also covers certain non-Nissan vehicles for the first time. While the update provides more peace of mind when purchasing an older vehicle, shoppers should note that the software’s limited warranty is significantly cut back compared to the warranty for newer models.

Approved Choice: What’s Included?

Previously, the brand’s CPO program only applied to used Nissan models up to 6 years old. Certified Select now covers used Nissan vehicles and some non-Nissan vehicles up to 10 years old for up to 100,000 odometer miles. Two major benefits of the program include six months/6000 miles. The Limited Warranty covers any repairs outside the OEM’s Limited Warranty to engine, transmission, transfer case, hybrid or electric vehicle components, power train, and parts.

Additional program benefits include free 24-hour roadside assistance, one free maintenance visit in the first year of ownership, car rental reimbursement, and a free three-month trial of SiriusXM.

Nissan certified: what’s the difference?

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Nissan Certified Select Stretches CPO Program to 10-Year-Old Cars

Nissan’s Standard Certified CPO program covers vehicles up to 6 years of age with up to 80,000 miles and includes a longer seven-year/100,000-mile limited warranty. Certified Nissan vehicles also have an even more robust one-year free service plan that includes up to oil and filter replacement and two tire cycles.


Shoppers can search for both certified and approved vehicles online via the tool, which allows browsing and scheduling a test drive and checkout online. The participating dealer can then deliver the vehicle to the shopper’s home. In addition, the limited warranties of each CPO class are transferable from the original shopper to one private party owner for the life of the warranty.

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