No Research on MSG Consumption Causes Obesity

No Research on MSG Consumption Causes Obesity

Indonesian Eye, Jakarta – Clinical Dietitian, Arti Indira, said there is no research focused on obesity caused by monosodium glutamate (MSG) or fetisine.

According to him, the causes of obesity are closely related to food intake, physical activity, genetics and environment.

“Like sugar, fat, and salt, MSG consumption may be a factor in multiple factors, but so far there is no scientific research,” he said.

From year to year, the obesity rate in Indonesia is always increasing. The provincial average obesity rate in Indonesia is higher than the national prevalence rate. The five provinces with the highest obesity rates are North Sulawesi, Jakarta, East Kalimantan, West Papua and Riau Islands.

One of the biggest causes of obesity is overeating. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the diet, that is, by organizing the daily food that contains nutrients in terms of type and quantity according to the needs of the body, taking into account the principle of diversity.

In addition to eating nutritious foods, Aarti suggested that people reduce their salt intake in their diets to prevent obesity. The ideal standard for salt use is less than 5g.

No Research on MSG Consumption Causes Obesity

“How do you make food tasty and safe for long-term consumption? We can add MSG or flavor to our food, so that salt consumption is reduced.”

Meanwhile, fitness trainer, Kantika Felder, said that in addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise is also important and effective in preventing obesity. According to him, the ideal exercise is 3-5 times a week.

For people who want a perfect body shape, of course, they should exercise regularly. Beginners should do regular exercise gradually. The exercise should be done slowly, eg 15 minutes a day, then 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and a maximum of 60 minutes a day.

“To be more motivated, choose a sport that matches our interests. For example, doing sports while listening to music and so on.

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