Osteoporosis topic for RPG’s community meeting –

Osteoporosis topic for RPG’s community meeting – Nurse Maria Bowman of the Osteoporosis Clinic in Sundsvall spoke about the problem. Osteoporosis is a compound word meaning bone and fragility. The basic definition of the problem is weak strength in skeletal parts.

Osteoporosis topic for RPG’s community meeting –

There are a variety of osteoporotic fractures: wrist fractures, humerus fractures, pelvic fractures, vertebral fractures, and hip fractures.

Maria Baumann says that treating these fractures costs the health care system in our country 14 billion SEK annually.

There are both controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Uncontrollable are: aging, previous fractures, heredity, female gender, menopause, race, and body height.

Influencing factors are: physical activity (a very important general factor), low body weight, cortisone treatment (shorter time, tendency to fall (doing balance exercises), alcohol consumption, low exposure to the sun is a risk and should be higher, and poor eyesight affect the risk the fall.

Why measure bone density? This helps assess fracture risk. You can make a diagnosis and know what treatments to do.

In 2019, a county-wide osteoporosis clinic started in Sundsvall. There you can have your bone densitometry done, if you have a fracture, says Maria. Anyone who thinks they need a bone density test can contact their health center.

Reception visits are offered where various samples are taken. Medicines are offered for treatment.

Maria Bowman also received a lot of questions about different symptoms and medications.

She received a standing ovation for her presentation and realism.

Serving is followed by a good sandwich and cake with coffee. Maine Svensson, head of the RPG, was congratulated on his birthday and words of gratitude for his efforts were received by Ulla Lindgren. She could tell that the RPG was growing, and three new members signed up.

At the beginning and also at the end, Elim’s former pastor couple, Elizabeth and Steen Lundin, sang Good God and Grace Will Follow Me and Two Songs to Jesus. Sten also led a cult under the theme You Too Needed in the Olden days.

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