Salud applies influenza vaccine in Mexicali | Forward Valley

Salud applies influenza vaccine in Mexicali | Forward Valley

Salud applies influenza vaccine in Mexicali | Forward Valley Mexico – With the aim of protecting the health of citizens, especially vulnerable groups, the Ministry of Health begins implementation in the entity of the influenza vaccine.

The Minister of Health, J. 364 to IMSS Bienestar and 42000 to ISSSTE.

He noted that of the 372 thousand and 47 doses corresponding to IESALUD from his four states, 107 thousand 898 are for the Mexican Health Services Authority (Valle and San Felipe), 208 thousand 338 are from the state of Tijuana (which includes Playas de Rosarito) and Tecate), 37,207 doses of Ensenada and 18604 doses of Vicente Guerrero.

He explained that the risk groups to which this vaccine will be applied are children under the age of five, adults over 60 years of age, pregnant women, and people with immunosuppression problems (diabetes, HIV, cancer, kidney failure, transplantation, The use of stimulants or biological agents) or with respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma and pulmonary arterial hypertension, as well as health workers.

The influenza vaccine will be applied in all health centers, hospitals and clinics in the health sector, for which the population is invited to attend the application of this biologic.

Salud applies influenza vaccine in Mexicali | Forward Valley

If symptoms such as coughing, general discomfort, throat irritation, runny nose, ear or throat pain, and mild headache appear, they should go to the health centers or to the general consultation of the institution from which they benefit.

The city of Amarias stressed that it is important for vulnerable groups to apply biology to reduce health risks and, above all, to continue the hygienic measures, namely washing hands constantly, avoiding sudden changes in temperature, consuming plenty of fluids, fruits and vegetables. sneezing into the inner corner of the arm, not kissing or shaking hands with people who have the flu, and not sharing food or drinks.

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