Scarlet Witch collectible to be sold in America

Scarlet Witch collectible to be sold in America According to a report published by O Visio, CDS, a company based on film and collectibles, is developing a Scarlet witch’s thumbnail in the form of Dr. Strang’s Multiplayer of Madness film.

The art was created based on where the character uses Darkhold to call Chaos Magic.

An article published on the Brazilian website states that the product will cost around $ 320 and is already on sale on the official website. However, there is still no forecast for sales in Brazil.

The author hints that Dr. Guest will find new love in MCU

The Strange Doctor’s Story The story with Christine Palmer seems to be the Strange Doctor 2 The girl is now married and knows that the two have a hard time coexisting with each other.

Now that her protagonist has to continue her love life, actress Charlie Theron’s role in Kyle’s role in the film’s first post-credit scene is significant, which she introduced to the film. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with screenwriter Vanity Fair Michael Waldron, Cly made it clear that the next film will have a significant impact on Strange’s life and will be the right time to give up his fears of falling in love with another person. .

“We had to finish your story with Christine Palmer, and for that, strange knowledge. He was able to face his fears and not be afraid to love someone or make someone fall in love with him. I think Clin is the right place to meet the most important person in your life from now on.

I think we threw Charlisle without even knowing what to do. So we assign the opening edge of our third eye, then we arrive at a stranger, and you have an end to your kind of evil camp – oh-my God.

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