Sing the Body Style Electric: A Look at the Latest EV Concepts

Sing the Body Style Electric: A Look at the Latest EV Concepts As the industry winds shift, nearly every automaker is clamoring to add an electric car to their lineup, and many of those who haven’t already demonstrated an electric car are doing the next best thing: making concepts. However, model cars do not always lead directly to production cars; Sometimes Design Studies are meant to show the future design principles of an automaker. In other cases, the concept is more “incomprehensible” and almost ready for production. When it’s the latter, we tend to pay more attention, because that car – or something very similar to it – will soon be sold.

But given the changing industrial landscape, we thought it’d be a good idea to round up some of the more fanciful electric car concepts that have been shown in recent times to better inform shoppers of what’s on the road in the next few years. Here are some of the latest electric car concepts from manufacturers around the world.

Sing the Body Style Electric: A Look at the Latest EV Concepts

Acura revealed its Precision EV concept before announcing its first production EV. While the implication was that the new ZDX would borrow heavily from the Precision EV concept, it’s worth noting that the original ZDX was more of a coupe silhouette, while the concept is a more traditional SUV.

The Precision EV Concept’s exterior design hints at the likely direction for Acura’s production of EVs, with a striking grille design and lighting elements, including within the grille itself. We can hope its 23-inch wheels will shrink a bit but we wouldn’t mind if the sleek floating roof design survives.

Like many concept cars these days, the Precision EV Concept claims to be a car meant for a future where self-driving isn’t out of reach, with a “Spiritual Lounge” mode that pulls the steering wheel (square of course) and is meant to let passengers And the The driver relaxes.

Audi concepts field


Sing the Body Style Electric: A Look at the Latest EV Concepts

Audi’s trio of electric concepts with “sphere” suffixes — the Grandsphere sedan, Skysphere convertible, and the certainly not a small car Urbansphere — highlight the brand’s potential for the next generation of EVs.

The first two concepts prioritize luxury and autonomous driving. Audi compares the cabin of the Grandsphere to a luxury private jet, while saying the Skysphere offers a more “interactive experience”. The Skysphere is the most enthusiast-oriented of the lot, with a variable wheelbase that can change the driving experience from big touring to sporty. Meanwhile, the Urbansphere is for business travelers looking to work on the go, with what Audi says is the most interior room of any vehicle built to date and the ability to become a mobile office or lounge.

Sing the Body Style Electric: A Look at the Latest EV Concepts

Lexus, like Audi, has revealed three EV concepts in its electric sedan, SUV and sports car concepts. The sedan looks like a futuristic IS look, while the SUV has more square lines than we’ve seen from Lexus that aren’t an LX or GX, with proportions that look somewhere in the realm of a three-row RX or RX.

However, the concept we’re excited about is the Electrified Sport, which Lexus says is the “spiritual successor” to the cult-favorite LFA. While it won’t have the V-10 that screams from the LFA – and probably won’t run at all – Lexus says its 0-60mph time can be as little as 2.0 seconds. And the Range 430 miles. If the surrounding noise is any indication of the public’s appetite for cool non-SUV electric vehicles, Lexus should seriously consider making the All-Electric Sport Concept an electric production vehicle.

Sing the Body Style Electric: A Look at the Latest EV Concepts

Lincoln’s L100 Concept celebrates the centenary of the 1922 L and is a modernized version of the long, low-end luxury car of yesteryear. Unlike those older cars, the L100 Concept uses a softer metallic and frosted acrylic paint instead of chrome, as well as a “three-layer Satin Digital Ceramic” with color-changing properties. the doors And the The canopy is also open, ensuring that every entrance and exit makes a statement. On the inside, the interior uses recycled and animal-free materials to give a modern touch of luxury. Lighting also plays an important role in the style of the L100 Concept, with a digital floor, a welcome light display and wheel covers that use light to transmit power.

Perhaps closer to production potential, the Lincoln Star Concept has a silhouette that evokes a futuristic version of the aviator. Outside, as on the L100 Concept model, lighting plays an important role in the presence of the Star Concept. The doors open wide with rear doors with reverse hinges, and not only does the hood raise, but the grille slides forward. Inside, translucent A- and D-shaped struts feature a sleek mesh design and open up the feel of the cabin, while the seating is meant to be very comfortable and lounge-like. Three “moods” (Coastal Morning, Conscious Vitality and Evening Cool) combine interior lighting, sounds, smells and more to enhance passenger comfort.

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