‘Stranger Things 4’ breaks US ratings record

‘Stranger Things 4’ breaks US ratings record The series “Strange Things” collected another 7.2 billion minutes of views in the United States and set another record on your account.

The remarkable performance was revealed this Friday (7/1) by a report by Nelson Media Research. Netflix spent the week between May 30 and June 5, making it the highest weekly total for any stream in the country.

Earlier, Nelson’s metrics recorded 5.14 billion minutes at the beginning of the first volume, bringing the total for two consecutive weeks to 12.34 billion.

Previous data from the consultant shows that no streaming program has reached 6 billion minutes per week.

The latest record by the Tiger-19 epidemic in 2020 is over 5 billion minutes.

Changed to hours, the Netflix standard will reach a total of 205.6 billion.

This number supports Netflix, the world’s most watched English-language series, with 930 million hours of “strange things” around the world.

Chapter 4 Volume 2 arrives today, Friday (01/07), which has caused a crash in the stream due to fans rushing to watch the thriller.

It is expected to continue hitting new audience records before the arrival of Chapter 5.

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