The Auxiliary Training Course in Diving Medicine ended – Gaceta Marinera

The Auxiliary Training Course in Diving Medicine ended – Gaceta Marinera، Mar del Plata – Concluded the Assistive Course in Diving Medicine, targeting personnel of the Argentine Navy and other armed and security forces.

The Auxiliary Training Course in Diving Medicine ended – Gaceta Marinera

Among the cadets were individual cadets assigned to serve as hyperbaric chamber operators at Carlini Antarctica during the winter of 2023. In addition, NCOs from other naval districts received training; Qualified personnel in nursing from the Argentine military; and members of the Operations Coordination Division of the Police Directorate of Special Risks in the Province of Buenos Aires.

The closing ceremony was held in the Plaza de Armas of the diving school, headed by its director, the frigate Captain Pablo Esteban Teramo, and was attended by officials from the army and police of the province of Buenos Aires.

In his speech, the director of the school pointed out “the importance of this course in the care of divers, in addition to strengthening relations with the civil field through the practices applied when assigning these individuals to naval hospitals with a hyperbaric chamber.”

The training, which lasted six weeks, consisted of several stages: At the first opportunity, the students were instructed to use autonomous open circuit diving equipment. The second stage included the concepts necessary to identify various diseases and illnesses resulting from excessive pressure activities, as well as the procedures for applying first aid and the use of treatment schedules. The third stage, meanwhile, consists in standardizing professional concepts for conducting treatments for hypotensive hypertensive environments.

Finally, the fourth stage was implemented, where the students were trained in the techniques necessary to operate the hyperbaric chambers and assist the patients inside them.

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