This Year’s DHF Disease Cycle 734 Cases, Takes 8 Lives

This Year’s DHF Disease Cycle 734 Cases, Takes 8 Lives Karanganyar – Eight people died of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) up to the 38th week of 2022. During that period, there were 734 cases of Aedes aegypti mosquito vectors.

This Year’s DHF Disease Cycle 734 Cases, Takes 8 Lives

Based on the Hospital Early Warning Report (KDRS) prepared by Karanganyar District Health Bureau (DKK), Central Java, there were 734 cases during weeks 1-38 of 2022. Of these, eight DHF patients died.

“There have been four additional cases since the last report. They are from Jumapolo, Lalung, Ngringo and Klodran. 1 case each. The total death toll up to the 38th week was eight people who died of dengue fever,” said Karanganyar DKK chief, Purwati, Friday (14) /10), “It’s very worrying.”

The number of cases up to the 38th week of 2022 almost meets the peak of DHF in 2019. In 2019, dengue cases in Karanganyar Regency reached 838. Based on this data, Purwati said the number of cases has exceeded the number of dengue cases in 2021 and roughly equals the highest peak in the past seven years since 2017.

“We have sent a team to conduct epidemiological investigations, mobilizing efforts to eradicate mosquito nests and fogging at the same time in priority areas,” he said.

Meanwhile, the highest infection cases were spread in Karanganyar district with 178 cases. In this area, the village of Bejen is the heroine of dengue cases. While the least is Jatiyoso with four cases. Subsequently, three deaths in Tasikmadou made this area a dengue epidemic.

“This year, the sharp rise in cases in April and May for patients aged 5-9 years and 10-14 years,” he said.

Lurah Bejen Bambang Ranto Utomo realizes that the behavior of its residents has made cases of dengue fever continue to rise. There were 31 cases of dengue fever as of the 38th week of 2022.

“In fact, it has become a subscription to DHF. We have formed Jumantik and PSN task force and special deal with puskesmas. As long as people’s behavior remains careless, it will be difficult to reduce dengue.” (Lim)

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