Up Close With the 2024 Chevrolet Trax

Up Close With the 2024 Chevrolet Trax When it debuted a few years ago, we wondered what the future holds for the budget Trax SUV brand. Well, now we know: the redesigned Trax 2024 is much larger and has more technical features than its predecessor – And the It is less expensive. Who would have thought?

Up Close With the 2024 Chevrolet Trax

Overall, the new Trax looks a lot like a mid-size Chevrolet SUV with a sporty look. Similarities include slim LED headlights, a wide grille surrounded by low-profile headlights and a plush roofline. With its added size – the Trax 2024 is nearly a foot longer and 2 inches wide – the SUV has stubbornly replaced its predecessor for softness.

The extra volume is put to good use in the cabin, where there is enough space for taller people to comfortably sit in the front and rear seats at the same time. I’m about 6 feet tall, and with the driver’s seat adjusted to the way I drive, my leg would touch the back of the driver’s seat when sitting behind it, but I had plenty of room between my knees and the seat back.

The Trax’s roofline is 4 inches lower than before, but there’s still good headroom. The lower roofline doesn’t impede outside vision either, as there are no overly large blind spots or restricted views from the driver’s seat.

Most of the textured surfaces on the 2RS variant I sat in were hard rather than a soft-touch material finish, but it had a bit of a rubbery surface. This gave them a higher quality look and feel than the shiny hard plastic that’s frequent on entry-level vehicles. What’s more, the available 11-inch dashboard touchscreen is a nice technical touch you don’t see in this category; Combined with the available 8-inch digital instrument panel, it makes you feel like you’re sitting in an expensive SUV.

The current Trax was already one of the least expensive SUVs you can buy, and the starting price for the redesigned 2024 is lower than before at $21,495 (including destination) for a base LS. The lack of all-wheel drive may keep the front-wheel-only Trax off some shoppers’ lists, but if you’re looking for value for money, it’s made the Chevrolet Trax more appealing.

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