Up Close With the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1

Up Close With the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 There has been significant growth in the electric pickup truck category lately, with entrants from emerging companies and established brands alike. GMC already has one electric pickup truck in the off-road-focused vehicle, and it now has another: the 2024 Sierra EV Denali Version 1, which is due to arrive early in 2024.

The Sierra EV is a large, crew-cab pickup truck that shares its chassis and drivetrain with the Hummer EV, but has unique design and features inside and out.Up front, there’s a new interpretation of GMC’s signature front-lighting signature, and a shield-shaped grille replaces the traditional open grille. The shield perimeter is illuminated, as is the GMC badge affixed to the plate, and while the front end design is firm and fresh, there is still a family resemblance to the brand’s other full-size pickups. The Denali Edition 1 is the first version to go on sale, and it gets huge 24-inch wheels and all-terrain tires that look great even with the truck’s big side profile.

Like the Silverado EV, the Sierra EV offers greater cargo-carrying flexibility than your full-size crew cab pickup thanks to the MultiPro center door and tailgate. The foldable center door, which expands the luggage compartment from about 6 feet to 9 feet—or nearly 11 feet with the tailgate down and cargo parked in position—gives extra trunk space for tall items when you need them and rear seats when you don’t. The folded middle door opens the interior somewhat to the elements, but for occasional use, it makes a lot of sense. Like the Sierra EV, it has a front trunk under the hood to provide additional storage space.In its debut, GMC asked us not to sit in the Sierra E on the Denali Edition 1 because it was a very early version of the pickup. So while we couldn’t fathom some practical considerations like comfort, space and exterior visibility, we were able to see how the brand intends to differentiate the truck from its Chevrolet sibling by giving it a luxurious and unique interior. Even in this early form, the interior has a refined and luxurious look, with the central portion being a 16.8-inch touchscreen with a vertical instrument panel. There is also an 11-inch digital instrument panel in front of the driver and a color display on the windshield.

GMC offered only the Denali 1 version of the Sierra EV, but there are more variants due to be introduced later as the 2025 models. This includes a more off-road-focused AT4 trim level with 2-inch suspension lift and a more value-oriented ride-on model. If you’re interested in the Denali Edition 1, prices start at $107,000 (before destination credits and taxes) and you can make a reservation starting today.

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