What Does This Button in the Ford Explorer Timberline Do?

What Does This Button in the Ford Explorer Timberline Do? With a ride intended to capitalize on the pandemic-induced vogue for clean air, Ford introduced the Timberline to the 2021 Explorer lineup. In addition to its many off-road-oriented features (which include standard all-wheel drive, steel skid plates, improved approach and departure angles, and driving modes, Trail and Deep Snow/Sand), the Explorer Timberline also offers an accessory package for extra lighting that comes with an extra button and lighting on your dashboard—but you won’t find it described in any owner’s manual.

The additional lights are available exclusively on the 2021-22 Explorer Timberlines and come with a factory-developed and installed Timberline Off-Road Light Kit. The kit includes a strap and bracket that allow two 10″ LEDs to be mounted in the crossbar on the grille.

As per the details of the above picture, the auxiliary lights can be controlled via the Aux button on the lamp dial located to the left of the steering wheel; The corresponding orange light below flashes when the auxiliary lights are on, but don’t bother pushing it – this light is just a light. Also note that the Aux button will not be labeled and there is no orange light in the Timberlines Explorer that is not equipped for the auxiliary lights, which look like this when lit:

Ford Explorer Timberline 2021 OEM Grille

What Does This Button in the Ford Explorer Timberline Do?

That’s right, there’s an extra 160,000 lumens of output, or what Ford claims is 2.5 times the brightness of standard high-beam headlights—a useful addition to any night-terrain crossing. If your Explorer isn’t already equipped like that and remote after-hours rock crawling is your type of trail, the Timberline Off-Road Light Kit is $545.

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