When should I go to the doctor with stomach complaints?

When should I go to the doctor with stomach complaints?

Marcel Levy is an internist, President of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and Professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam.

The Liver Stomach Gastroenterology Foundation warns that gastrointestinal disease is becoming more common. Within 25 years, the death rate from diseases of the stomach, intestines, or liver has increased by a quarter. Gastrointestinal diseases are now the third cause of all hospital admissions. This is why it is important to better listen to our intuitions. It is also important to ring the bell in time, but when do you really do it: go to the doctor with a stomachache?

Gastrointestinal diseases are becoming more common: how can this increase be explained?

There are more and more diseases associated with diet and obesity. These are often related to the intestines. In addition, more and more people are suffering from IBD, and it is not clear why this is increasing. The cause of these diseases is not entirely clear anyway. Finally, there are more and more people with cancer, and many cancers are localized in the gastrointestinal tract. On the other hand, colon cancer screening has been done for a number of years by population screening. As a result, colon cancer is often caught at an early stage and treated in time. This is of course very good, but this population examination also reveals a lot of other diseases in people. That could also explain an increase in numbers.”

When do you go to the doctor with stomach pain?

“Everyone has a stomach ache from time to time, but if it doesn’t go away in a few days, that’s a reason to go to the doctor. Another reason is when your stool pattern changes a lot. For example, when periods of constipation and diarrhea alternate, while it wasn’t This has been the case before. Always see a doctor if you see blood in your stool. The last warning symptom is when you lose a lot of weight without actively getting involved in it.”

When do you fall into the risk group and should you be more vigilant?

It is difficult to say, because diseases of the stomach, intestines and liver can in principle affect anyone. It is true that these types of problems occur more often in old age. So young people are relatively less likely to have serious diseases of the stomach, intestines and liver, but it is possible.”

What is the danger of walking for a long time with stomach, intestine or liver problems?

“Many diseases of the stomach, intestines and liver can be treated very well. So it is a shame and we do not have to deal with them for long. Often these types of diseases are easy to diagnose through examinations. If you are walking around with complaints for a few days, it is not too much of a luxury to You visit the doctor.”

When should I go to the doctor with stomach complaints?

If you are on time, what are the possible treatments?

Often a surgeon can treat these diseases, that is, through surgery. When it comes to a chronic inflammatory disease, there are very good medicines out there these days. If it is a polyp or hemorrhoid, you can be treated locally with an endoscope. So there are many possibilities.”

What lifestyle changes can you make to prevent gastrointestinal disease?

“Nutrition is key to this. A varied diet, so that you get all the nutrients you need. Plus, it’s important to make sure you don’t get too fat. And use alcohol only in moderation. If you’re constipated, it’s important to get your Enough fiber.Do not cook vegetables aggressively, leave the peel on the apples and pears and make sure you get enough moisture.You often think that you are already drinking too much, but this is disappointing.In such a situation, it does not hurt to drink 3 liters of water per day, Instead of 2 liters.

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