Which 2022 Cars Still Offer Suicide Doors?

Which 2022 Cars Still Offer Suicide Doors? Suicide doors—full-size car doors hinged at the rear—have been an endangered species for decades and near extinction in 2022, with two more models disappearing and only one or two on the way (both electric cars) to be replaced.

Which 2022 Cars Still Offer Suicide Doors?

Below is a list of 2022 model vehicles with suicide doors. For the purposes of this listing, we are only including suitable suicide doors – that is, doors with full size rear hinges that open fully. We exclude half-measures, such as rear-hinged half-doors that require the front door to be opened first. Those are found in some small mini taxis as well as in various other vehicles such as, and; Among the current examples is Mazda. We also exclude other non-standard doors such as, and doors generally found on exotic cars, as well as on the gull wing found on the Model X.

Which 2022 Cars Still Offer Suicide Doors?


Maybe that’s the name of the horror movie – automakers prefer to call them “wagon doors,” but good luck with that. (On the other hand, the nickname “benefactors” wasn’t a problem for motorcycles.) Or blame Ralph Nader. His 1966 book only took one chapter to kill Chervolet Corvair; The rest of the book targets almost everything related to cars, and one of its goals was the suicide door. (It is worth noting that).

But suicide doors continue to look great on expensive luxury cars and demo cars thanks to their image of elegance and style. They literally date back to the doors of horse-drawn carriages, hence the name, and they had a heyday with cars in the early to mid-20th century. Back then, as now, their main job advantage was to make entry easier and more generous, polishing their upscale image. On a milder level, they also make installing a child seat easier.

Safety criticisms include being more likely to fly at open speed (at least before the explosion-proof latches), more likely to let vehicle occupants fall (at least before seat belts) and being prone to trapping the departing passenger if the door hits (of course, with the hinged front door They beat you first.) Among the worst examples of safety was the Subaru 360 mini, the first Subaru car sold in the United States and among the many flaws CR found, when a passenger attempted to secure a partially closed door while walking.

Although the feature was prevalent on luxury cars, doors made a brief appearance on more affordable cars. The least expensive example in recent years has been the Lincoln Limited Range, Extended Continental with rear suicide doors. Earlier, doors ran well on the classic (including the convertible) and featured on and. One of the last mainstream cars with suicide rear doors (dubbed FlexDoors in this case) was in Europe, which was unveiled for 2010 while Opel was still a subsidiary of General Motors.

Which 2022 Cars Still Offer Suicide Doors?

future models

All models in the latest listing have good price tags in six figures and all have four-doors with suicide doors in the rear. They’re in the super-rich stratosphere, where gentle ingress and egress may be important, and in some cases, access to them is more convenient for the driver opening the tailgate. Rolls-Royce trimmed the list this year by two when it slipped. Global production ends in 2023.

However, the brand will bring suicide doors into the era of electric cars with the upcoming two doors (like). It’s an EV coupe due in 2023 and currently undergoing testing in (where else?) the trendy south of France. Also, a car that is delayed a lot will have suicide tailgates when it goes down.

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