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Highest Paying Google Adsense CPC Lawyers 2023

Highest Paying Google Adsense CPC Lawyers 2023

We all know that Adsense displays ads according to the quality of the site, but you can create magic article on lawyers and get unique best result

I make professional articles for lawyers and make $10,000 per month, depending on the country and clicks. Proof of this, write to me .

This ranking is based on 1.1 million clicks in the AdSense system for the years 2018-19. Statistics do not include countries, just the cost of one click.

Motorcycle personal injury attorney CPC $340,72
Auto accident attorney near me CPC $250.00
Car accident attorney CPC $23,529
Truck injury attorney CPC $221.64
Car accident attorney The cost per click is $219.77
Auto accident attorney near me CPC $21,919
Birth injury attorney CPC $214.90
Auto accident lawyers CPC $200.00
Motorcycle injury attorney CPC $200.00
Auto collision attorney CPC $195.05
Car wreck attorney CPC $194.18
Accident lawyer CPC $193.05
Accident attorney near me CPC $191.85
Motorcycle accident attorney CPC $187.50
Mesothelioma trial attorney CPC $186.01
Truck accident attorney CPC $175.00
lyft accident attorney CPC $168.30
Injury attorney near me CPC $167.13
Pedestrian accident attorney CPC $163.64
Personal injury attorney near me CPC $162.50
Auto injury attorney $160.00 per click
Personal accident attorney CPC $150.00
injury attorney CPC $145.47
Dog bite injury attorney CPC $144.00
Spinal cord injury attorney CPC $13,760
Personal injury attorney CPC $134.98
Bus accident attorney CPC $133.00
Mesothelioma Advocate CPC $132.00
Slip and fall lawyer CPC $128.70
Dog bite attorney CPC $118.75
The best personal injury lawyer CPC $116.96
Wrong death attorney CPC $114.87
Brain injury attorney CPC $103.50
Attorney CPC $100.00
Building liability attorney CPC $100.00
Federal criminal defense attorney Jurovich Burke & Associates CPC $90.00
Workers’ compensation attorney CPC $89.89
Workers’ companies lawyer CPC $89.10
Workers compensation attorney near me CPC $8,532
Workers comp attorneys near me CPC $84.99
Two lawyers CPC $84.61
Doi attorney near me CPC $78.84
Doi lawyer CPC $72.92
Domestic violence criminal defense attorney CPC $70.00
Criminal defense sound CPC $62.69
Lemon Law Attorney The cost per click is $6,227
dmv agency CPC $6037
Juvenile criminal defense attorney CPC $5,926
IRS attorney CPC $59.24
Medical malpractice lawyer near me CPC $5,735

Add an article to your favorites – the list of keywords, their cost and position may change, and we, in turn, will update information about the top 100.

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