Tesla Offers $7,500 Discount on Model 3, Model Y (But There’s a Catch)

In a rare move for the automaker, Tesla is offering shoppers a deep discount on its two best-selling EVs, the sedan and SUV — but there’s a big caveat. According to him, shoppers who receive the Model 3 and Model Y by December 31 are eligible for a $7,500 credit and 10,000 free miles while there is no credit for the Model S and Model X, both vehicles qualify for the free shipping offer.

Sign of slowing sales?

Tesla isn’t known to offer discounts on its cars; Instead, the automaker implemented a series of pricing He increases Since 2021, which is attributed to supply chain disruptions. But the newly available offer doubles the $3,750 rebate the automaker offered earlier in December, likely driven by slowing demand and delays planned for 2023. In a recent announcement, the Treasury Department said guidance for the new electric vehicle tax credit would be delayed. until March. The change means Tesla shoppers may qualify for a $7,500 tax credit starting in January; Accordingly, many customers have canceled or delayed their orders until the tax credit takes effect.

More availability

In another unusual twist, Tesla’s website now displays available inventory via a buy now button, whereas previously shoppers were required to build and order a car, then wait — sometimes for months — to receive it. When was our long-term test car, the order was placed in late July and delivered in early November. Now, it looks like shoppers can find and order a Tesla without a long wait.

It’s not clear if Tesla will extend any rebates into 2023 or what the electric vehicle tax credit will look like next year, but with the automaker expected to fall short of its 2022 delivery targets, the race to ramp up orders appears to be on before the calendar turns. I started.

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