The biathlon champion announces her return. They left me alone, she leaned into the union

The biathlon champion announces her return. They left me alone, and I swerved into the guild

Her health problems have been piling up since the spring. The World Cup winner in the 2021/22 season first suffered from coronavirus and then contracted shingles.

“I am excited that my body is working again,” Norka boasts in an interview, saying that it was only in the last few days that her body began to respond to pregnancy in an appropriate and expected way. “It’s an incredible feeling of relief,” she was delighted.

“It’s been a long time since I felt this happy after a heavy training load. The fact that my body is finally starting to react normally makes me as happy as I get from an Olympic gold medal.”

She doesn’t yet know exactly when she can return to the World Cup circuit, but her biggest goal right now is to improve her form especially for the World Cup in February. “We gave ourselves such a deadline that I have to start in mid-December so that there is still a chance for me to be in this form at the World Cup,” she emphasized.

At the World Championships, she can also be a great competitor to her husband Sverre, who leads the German women’s national team. Nor did he forgive himself for criticizing the Norwegian Federation which, in his opinion, did not do his wife enough service.

“She was often on her own and had to train on her own. She didn’t get the help she needed from the guild.”

After all, the rival spoke in the same spirit. “I’m in a tough spot. I don’t want to touch anyone, but maybe that’s the weakness of the federation. If something happens to you, you’ll be left on your own. I’ve been on my own since the beginning of the fall, and I can’t speak to the coaches at all. I feel like I’ve been pushed away.” “Since my ambassador travels a lot, I had to deal with a lot of things,” she complained.

But now he hopes that the turning point has come and that everything will return to the old track. “I think everything will settle down, I will be able to fully focus on the World Cup and I will get the help I need during the World Cup. That will be the most important thing for me right now,” she emphasized.

At the same time, she warned her husband from a distance not to count on Christmas rest and rest. “If Sverre thinks he is coming for the Christmas holidays, he is very mistaken. He will start working as my coach from the morning,” laughed the Froland native.

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