TV shows based on the crusaders you should not be missing

Crusaders were soldiers who took part in military missions launched by Christian countries. Conflicts occurred during the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The Knights influenced many aspects of our contemporary environment. The traditions of historical figures have inspired movies, TV shows, slot machines like Avalon Gold, video games, and more.

Knight’s Fall

Knightfall can’t be skipped when thinking of TV shows inspired by the Crusades. This historical fantasy drama was written by Don Handfield and Richard Rayfield. On December 6, 2017, the premiere of the film took place. After the success of the first season on August 13, 2018, the History Channel announced that the second season will begin airing on March 25, 2019. It is inspired by the Crusades and depicts the triumph and failure of the Knights Templar. The film showed the existence of the knights in the past, with all their drama, battles, successes and failures.


The Crusades is a 1995 documentary series produced by Terry Jones that focuses on the history of the Crusades. I examined the Crusades with humour. Actors use masks and costumes to portray historical figures in their countries’ artistic traditions. The actors portray figures in the style of medieval miniatures, and some, like Emperor Alexios I, appear as Byzantine mosaics. Sometimes, productions are played for laughs. There was one season released with 13 episodes.


This mini-series featured something unique, set in two different timelines simultaneously. One was in modern France in the year 2012, and the other was in France again, but now in the year 1209. The story is about the hunt for Al, Cathars, and the Crusaders.

There you can see the life of the Crusaders, how they were dressed, how capable and brave they were in wartime. You will learn more about medieval castles and of course the Holy Grail. The series premiered in 2012, with two episodes in total.

Robin Hood

Robin is a reformed crusader in this updated TV version of the original story. It wasn’t always this way. The Crusades do not appear in any of Robin Hood’s earlier poems or plays. These tales often took place in the late Middle Ages, after Richard’s Third Crusade, and had a regional focus. Unfortunately, the Crusades are a recurring plot point in many contemporary Robin Hood tales. On October 7, 2006, the first episode of the series was broadcast. Two more seasons followed. There are a total of 39 episodes in the series, and each episode lasts about 45 minutes.


Our modern life has evolved greatly from the Middle Ages, but we draw a lot of inspiration from it. In this article, we have seen some really outdated TV shows with stories of Crusaders and their way of life. You can find and learn something new and unique in each series. Don’t miss them!

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