We are fighting 4-5 different types of viruses

We are fighting 4-5 different types of viruses

the professor. Dr.. Sener: We are fighting 4-5 different types of viruses

Indicating that respiratory infections increase with the advent of winter, Member of the Science Council of the Ministry of Health, Izmir University Faculty of Medicine Katip Celebi (Ekash), Head of the Infectious Diseases Department, Lecturer. Dr. Albert Scheiner said: “While we are fighting the Covid-19 process with one virus, if you leave aside Covid-19 for the time being, we are fighting 4-5 different types of viruses. All these are respiratory infections transmitted by droplets.

Recommendations for protection against influenza infection

In his assessment of recent influenza infections with the onset of winter, Prof. Dr. Scheiner talked about what must be done to protect citizens and children from influenza infection.

Pointing out that respiratory infections increase at a certain rate every year in winter, Shiner said, “What we mean by winter months are the months of December, January and February. It seems that influenza has really woken up from hibernation, as we have seen fewer respiratory infections due to Covid-19.” 19 for about two years, and even almost no influenza.After waking up from hibernation, it began to cause respiratory infections in both children and adults in this field in winter.Currently, influenza is not alone, it is on hand side by side, and there are subgroups Inside the flu.Like swine flu and seasonal flu, there is the influenza paradigm, which is a type of influenza.There is RSV, especially in the respiratory tract, that can cause hospitalizations in children.It can cause respiratory distress.Adults also suffer from the common cold, which we see more often. In the field. These viral infections came together again because we hadn’t seen them in two years. “Our immune system is starting to remember them again,” he said.

Pointing out the importance of influenza infection in children, Prof. Dr. Sener said: “Mask measures cannot be clearly applied to children in closed areas of schools. Because their parents are working, children may have to go to school even if they are sick. Distribution and spread are fast, Especially in the pediatric age group.We tested this during the Covid-19 operation, but while we are fighting one virus in this Covid-19 operation, if you leave Covid-19 aside, we are currently fighting 4-5 different types of viruses.All these are respiratory infections It is transmitted by droplets. It can also cause severe illness in children. In fact, some children should be warned that they may develop pneumonia after they overcome the disease. They can cause inflammation of the lungs. The most common finding in children begins with a fever and a cough and joint and muscle pain.Limits itself to about 5 to 7 days.In some age groups of children, especially in kindergarten age groups, it can cause serious respiratory distress, even enough to require hospitalization, even respiratory distress.They should not go to the Private school if they are in infancy. If there are signs of fever and respiratory infections, because from the moment they go to school, children can spread a disease that we can pass on as a simple viral infection in the respiratory tract of many people in the sudden age group. These viral infections can sometimes occur all together, one after the other. Their succession is troubling to us in this regard, as another viral infection comes right after a full immune system recovery. It usually starts with a cold, runny nose, and nasal congestion in the adult age group. Immediately after this, diffuse muscle aches, joint pain, fever, chills, and chills were added. Sometimes some of them can turn into sinusitis. We may face influenza or swine flu, some of which appear immediately after. Extra precautions for children, there is not much that can be done except not to go to school when they are sick. Because when we look at respiratory infections, we don’t give any medicine to the childhood age group unless there is a serious co-morbidity, unless it’s the flu. Therefore, first of all, in order to protect ourselves and our environment, we have to follow the mask, distance and hand hygiene measures that we said from the beginning, and if our child is sick, they should not be sent to school or kept in isolation at home for a certain period of time so as not to expose other children risk. So that the virus does not spread, spread, or viruses spread and does not endanger or threaten the entire school or the entire area where you are.

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