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Understanding Matched Content Advertising in Google AdSense

Understanding Matched Content Advertising in Google AdSense

Matched content or relevant content is a Google AdSense advertising feature provided by Google Adsense, whose function is similar to a related post on a blog. However, it has more diverse content than the usual related posts.

Benefits of Matched Content Ads from Google AdSense

after science what Matched content ad means I will discuss its functionality and benefits. Below are the functions and benefits immediately Matching content ads:

Blog page views can be increased

If readers are converted to another Articles Or related posts, of course the number of page views on our blog will increase. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to add blog page views.

CTR or CTR can be increased

How can a Matched content ads story increase CTR or CTR? Yes, many initially thought it was hit by a Click Bomb, but it didn’t, and it turns out that it’s still considered legal by Google. Therefore, it can be concluded that identical content ads can also increase your Google Adsense CTR or CTR.

Blog performance could be improved

Without you realizing it, your blog’s performance will slowly increase. So, you just have to wait and feel the difference before placing a matching content ad and after placing a matching content ad.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned Benefits Matched content ads are widely used by users also because they have advantages, such as not reducing blog load, easy to customize, and of course responsive.

You definitely can’t wait, right? How do you get matching content from Google Adsense? So what are the conditions? Here is an explanation.

How to get matching content ads from Google AdSense

Matched content ads are an additional feature that not all publishers can get right away despite being fully approved. Only selected and eligible blogs get this Excellent Property . So, you need to pay attention to a few things first to get AdSense for matched content, here is the explanation:

Get a steady number of visitors

To get identical content ads, you need to have a lot of traffic every day. Even the numbers mentioned range from tens of thousands of PV (page width). But it is not uncommon for those who get identical content with only 1000-2000 traffic per day.

So, in my opinion, it’s enough to have organic visitors that are stable, not too low, not fluctuating and staying in the same range. Therefore, we can conclude that traffic does indeed have an effect on getting these matched content ads, but the number of tens of thousands is actually just a myth. Because even with PV 2000 you can still get this kind of ads.

Using SEO templates and responsive templates

After getting a steady amount of visitors, the next thing you should pay attention to in order to get it match Content ads to use a Eco-friendly and responsive template. Why do you need SEO and responsiveness? Because so Google bot can easily understand the structure and content of your blog. Apart from that, the responsive template will make the visitors comfortable and feel right at home on your blog.

Pay attention to the number of articles on your blog

Apart from the above things, you also need to pay attention to the number of articles. You must have a qualified number of articles to increase traffic and page views from the blog you are managing. To get matched content, you must have more than 300 articles published, and it would be better if each category has 5 or more articles.

Because as I explained above, this feature is similar to the related post. But don’t worry, for your blog that still has a number of posts that haven’t reached 300 articles, you don’t have to worry. Since many are also getting new matching content ads, the number of posts is over 100 and dozens of articles are already on the front page (front page).

Jаdі, dараt dіѕіmрulkаn bahwa untuk mеndараtkаn iklan mаtсhеd соntеnt tidak hаruѕ benar-benar mеmіlіkі 300 lеbіh artikel dan dengan hаnуа 100 an lebih аrtіkеl mаѕіh bisa mеndараtkаn iklan mаtсhеd соntеnt, dеngаn саtаtаn аrtіkеl уаng Andа роѕtіng hаruѕ mеmрunуаі trаffіс уаng сukuр banyak, atau bаnуаk аrtіkеl уаng Go to the first page. God bless you.

Be diligent in posting articles and be consistent

Why should you be diligent in publishing articles? Because this is meant to tell Google if your blog is still active. Yes, although this section is not mentioned on the official Google page regarding matching content, I think this is also important.

Try not to steal articles to be published as much as possible, if you are too busy in the real world to publish articles seriously. Try to post articles 2-3 times a week, that’s enough.

Improve monetization

To get identical content ads, sites should be optimally monetised. Optimal means placing ads in accordance with Google’s Terms of Service without violating any of them. So, to learn how to improve your monetization, you can do the following:

  • Experiment with ad types and ad sizes.
  • Ad placement experience.

Install auto ads codes on blogs

It would be great to post auto ads and enable the appropriate content feature. Utilization This method is also very powerful so that Adsense will display matching content ads quickly.


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