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The fastest way to get approved by Google Adsense 2023

The fastest way to get approved by Google Adsense 2023

Google AdSense is an advertising program run by Google that allows website and blog owners to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their sites.

Advertisers bid on keywords related to the content on the website, and when a user clicks on an ad, the website owner earns a small commission.

How does Google AdSense work?

Google AdSense works by connecting advertisers with website owners through the use of ads. When a user visits an AdSense-enabled website, the website will display advertisements that are relevant to the content on the site. If the user clicks on one of these ads, the site owner will receive a small commission.

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Benefits of using Google Adsense

There are many benefits of using Google AdSense for website and blog owners:

  1. Passive Income: With AdSense, website owners can earn money without actively selling products or services.
  2. Targeted Ads: AdSense only displays ads that are relevant to the content on the website, which can help improve user experience and increase the probability of clicks.
  3. Easy to set up: AdSense is easy to set up and requires no upfront costs or technical expertise.

How to get started with google adsense

To get started  with Google AdSense  , website and blog owners will need to sign up for an account and add an AdSense code to their website.

  1. Sign up for an AdSense account: To sign up for an AdSense account, visit the AdSense website and click the Sign Up Now button. You will need to provide some basic information, including your website URL and email address.
  2. Add the AdSense code to your website: Once you have been approved for an AdSense account, you will need to add the AdSense code to your website. This can be done by copying and pasting the code into your website’s HTML or by using a plugin for your content management system (CMS).

Tips to maximize your earnings with Google AdSense

  1. Choose high-paying keywords: Advertisers bid on keywords, and the more popular a keyword is, the more it costs. By choosing high paying keywords and incorporating them into your website content, you are likely to earn more from AdSense.
  2. Increased traffic to your website: The more traffic your website receives, the higher your chances of earning money through AdSense.
  3. Use multiple ad sizes: Experiment with different ad sizes to find the ones that work best for your website.

Different types of ads available with Google AdSense

  • Text ads
  • Show ad
  • Video ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Native ads

Tips for creating effective ad placements

  • Place ads above the fold
  • Test different ad placements
  • Balancing the number of ads with the user experience

Strategies for monetizing your website with AdSense

  • Using AdSense in combination with other methods of monetization
  • Optimize your website layout for ad placements
  • Use ad targeting options to increase relevance and revenue

Google Adsense alternatives

  • AdThrive
  • Amazon Associates
  • Eswick

Frequently make mistakes with google adsense

  • Clicking on your ads
  • Non-disclosure of AdSense as a source of income
  • Use copyrighted images in your ads
  • Put a lot of ads

AdSense Program Policies

  • Prohibited Content and Practices
  • Ad placement guidelines
  • Invalid clicks and impressions

Compliance with AdSense policies

  • AdSense review process
  • Rejected ads and websites
  • Policy violations and account termination

Advanced AdSense features

AdSense for search

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AdSense for search is a feature of the AdSense program that allows website owners to monetize their sites by displaying relevant ads in the search results returned by the search box on their website. When a user performs a search on a website using AdSense for search, they will see a list of search results with relevant ads at the top and bottom of the page. When a user clicks on one of these ads,


The website owner earns a share of the advertising revenue. AdSense for search is a useful tool for monetizing websites with a lot of content and websites that receive a large amount of search traffic. To use AdSense for search, website owners simply need to add the search box icon to their sites and choose the types of ads they want to display. Customization options are also available to match the search box to the website design.

custom channels

Custom channels is an AdSense feature that allows website owners to create and manage groups of ad units, placements, and links on their websites. This can be useful for tracking the performance of specific ad sites or ad site groups and optimizing ad placements for better results. To create a dedicated AdSense channel, website owners simply need to log in to their account and go to their website

Custom Channels page. From there, they can create a new custom channel and add ad units, placements or links to it. Custom channels can be grouped by page, section, or other criteria, and performance data can be viewed for each channel in the AdSense account, including impressions, clicks, and earnings. using dedicated channels,

link units


Link units are a type of ad unit offered by AdSense that allows you to monetize your website by displaying a set of text links to related websites. Link units are usually displayed in a vertical or landscape format and can be placed on any page of your website.

When a user clicks on one of the links in the link module, they will be taken to the website associated with the link. You will earn a share of advertising revenue when a user clicks on one of the links in your link unit.

Link units can be a useful way to monetize websites with a lot of content or websites that receive a lot of traffic. They can also be a good choice for websites that don’t have a lot of space for traditional ad formats, like display ads or banner ads.

To use link units on your website, you will need to log into your AdSense account and create a link unit. You can then add the link module icon to your website and customize the look and feel of the module to match your website design.

With link modules, you can monetize your website and earn additional revenue by showing your users relevant text links.

AdSense for games


AdSense for games is a program that allows game developers to monetize their games by displaying in-game ads. The AdSense for Games program is designed specifically for the gaming industry and offers a variety of ad formats and customization options to help game developers maximize profits.

Some of the ad formats available through AdSense for games include banner ads, interstitial ads, and video ads. Game developers can choose the ad formats that best fit their games and customize ad placements to improve ad performance.

To use AdSense for Games, game developers will need to sign up for the program and integrate the AdSense for Games SDK into their game. They can then choose the ad formats and placements they want to use and start showing ads within their game.

With AdSense for games, game developers can monetize their games and earn additional revenue by showing relevant ads to users. AdSense for games is a useful tool for game developers who want to monetize their games and optimize their advertising strategy to generate maximum revenue.

Maximize revenue from AdSense

  1. Use high paying ad formats: Some ad formats, such as display ads and video ads, tend to pay more than others. Consider implementing these types of ads on your website to increase your earnings.
  2. Use Ad Position Strategies: Ad position plays an important role in ad performance. Experiment with different ad placements on your website to find the best performing placements.
  3. Optimize your website for ad performance: Make sure your website is fast, easy to use, and optimized for mobile to improve ad performance and increase revenue.
  4. Review and update your website regularly: Keep your website fresh and relevant by regularly adding new content and updating existing content. This can help improve ad performance and increase revenue.
  5. Use ad targeting options: AdSense offers various ad targeting options that allow you to show ads to specific groups of users. Use these options to target ads to the most relevant and valuable users on your website.
  6. Monitor your ad performance: Use AdSense reporting and analysis tools to monitor your ad performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This can help you optimize your ad settings and increase revenue.

By following these tips, you can increase your AdSense earnings and increase revenue from your website.

Common AdSense Mistakes to Avoid


Inappropriate ad code format

Improper ad code formatting can cause problems with ad display and performance on your website. When ad code is not formatted correctly, ads may not display as intended or may not display at all. This can lead to lower ad impressions and revenue.

 To ensure proper ad code formatting and optimal ad performance, it is important to carefully follow AdSense guidelines and best practices for ad implementation.

Ad placements that are too close to each other

Placing ads too close together can create a cluttered and unattractive look on your website. It can also lead to lower ad performance and lower revenue, as users may be less likely to click on ads that are crowded or difficult to distinguish from other content. To avoid this problem, be sure to follow the AdSense guidelines for ad placements and consider the user experience when placing ads on your website.

Use of low quality or inappropriate ads

Using low quality or irrelevant ads on your website can lead to lower ad performance and lower earnings. Users are less likely to click ads that are not relevant to their interests or ads that are of poor quality.

Displaying these types of ads can also negatively affect the user experience on your website. To ensure the best ad performance and increase revenue, it is important to choose high quality and relevant ads for your website.

Excessive use of advertisements on your website

Overuse of ads on your website can lead to lower ad performance and lower profits. When there are too many ads on a page, it can create a messy and unattractive look that can negatively affect the user experience. It can also lead to ad burnout, as users become less responsive to ads due to overexposure.

Troubleshooting AdSense issues

AdSense account approval process

  • Apply for an AdSense account
  • Common consent issues
  • Solve approval problems

AdSense earnings not showing

  • Common earnings issues
  • Troubleshoot earnings issues
  • Resolve discrepancies in earnings

AdSense account suspension

  • Common suspension reasons
  • Solve suspension problems
  • Prevent future suspensions

AdSense error messages

  • Common error messages
  • Troubleshoot errors
  • Resolve error messages

Advanced AdSense optimization techniques

A/B Test ad placements and ad sizes

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or ad to see which works better. In the context of AdSense, A/B testing ad placements and sizes can be a useful way to improve ad performance and increase revenue. By creating two versions of the ad placement or size and showing them to different groups of users, you can decide which version works best and implement the winning version on your website.

Use advanced ad formats

AdSense offers a variety of advanced ad formats that can help you monetize your website and increase revenue. These ad formats, such as display ads and video ads, tend to pay more than other ad formats and can be more effective in attracting users. By implementing advanced ad formats on your website, you can increase your earnings and improve the overall performance of your ads.

Target specific audiences with ad customizers

Ad customizers are an AdSense feature that allows you to display ads that are relevant to specific groups of users. With ad customizers, you can target ads to users based on factors such as location, language, device, and more. This can help improve the relevance of your ads and increase their effectiveness, resulting in higher profits.

Use ad blocking software to improve user experience and increase advertising effectiveness

Ad blocking software is designed to block or remove ads from websites, with the goal of improving user experience. While this can reduce the number of ad impressions and reduce revenue, it can also improve the overall user experience and make ads more effective when they are shown. By using ad blockers, you can ensure that your ads are relevant and not annoying to users, which can lead to higher engagement and increased revenue in the long run.

AdSense integration with e-commerce platforms

  • AdSense integration with WooCommerce and Shopify
  • Setting up AdSense on an e-commerce site
  • Common integration problems and solutions

Target specific products and categories with personalized ad units

  • Create custom e-commerce ad units
  • Target specific products and categories with ad customizers
  • Analyze the performance of custom ad units

Use retargeting and remarketing techniques to increase ad relevancy and conversions

  • Retargeting and remarketing options for e-commerce
  • Set up retargeting and remarketing campaigns
  • Analyze results of retargeting and remarketing efforts

Overcome low traffic and revenue by optimizing websites and targeting higher paying keywords

  • Identify traffic and profit problems
  • Optimize website layout and target higher paying keywords
  • Analyze the results of improvement efforts

Expanding into new markets and using advanced targeting options

  • Identify opportunities in new markets
  • Take advantage of advanced targeting options to reach new audiences
  • Analyze the results of expansion efforts

Integration with the product catalog and use of ad customizers

  • Integrate your product catalog with AdSense
  • Use ad customizers to target specific products
  • Analyzing the performance of ad customizers on e-commerce websites

Advanced AdSense tips and tricks

Using Google Tag Manager to manage and track AdSense ads

  • AdSense setup with Google Tag Manager
  • Use Tag Manager to track and manage your AdSense ads
  • Advanced tag management techniques for AdSense

Implement lazy loading of ads to improve page load times

  • What is lazy loading?
  • Implement lazy loading of AdSense ads
  • Lazy loading performance analysis

Use ad servers such as DoubleClick to improve ad serving and performance

  • What is an ad server?
  • AdSense integration with DoubleClick
  • Advanced Ad Server Technologies for AdSense

Use ad testing tools such as Google Optimize to improve ad effectiveness

  • What is Google Optimize?
  • Ad test setup with Google Optimize
  • Analyze the results of advertising testing

AdSense Rejection: Common Reasons and Solutions

Are you having trouble getting your AdSense account approved? you are not alone. Many applicants face rejection from the AdSense program, but the good news is that most problems can be resolved. In this article, we’ll explore the most common reasons for AdSense disapproval and what you can do to improve your chances of  getting approved  .

1 – Incompatible website language

AdSense requires that all websites in its network be in English, unless you are targeting a specific non-English speaking country. If your website is not in English or is targeted at a non-English speaking country, it may be rejected.

2 – Incompatible website content

AdSense also has specific guidelines for the types of content that are allowed on its network. Some types of content that may lead to disapproval include:

Mature or adult content

AdSense prohibits the use of adult or mature content on its network. This includes explicit or suggestive images, videos, or language.

Illegal or inflammatory content

AdSense also prohibits the use of content that promotes illegal or inflammatory beliefs or activities. This includes content that incites violence, hatred or discrimination.

Misleading or deceptive content

AdSense does not allow misleading or deceptive content on its network. This includes content designed to trick users into clicking ads or visiting websites.

3 – Incompatible website design

AdSense also contains specific guidelines for website design and layout. Some design elements that may lead to disapproval include:

Pop-ups or pop-unders

AdSense prohibits the use of pop-ups or pop-unders on its network. These types of ads can be annoying and annoying to users, and may lead to rejection.

4 – Incompatible ad placements

In addition to guidelines for ad placement, AdSense also has rules about the types of ads that are allowed on its network. Some types of ads that may lead to disapproval include:

Misleading or deceptive advertisements

AdSense prohibits the use of misleading or deceptive ads on its network. This includes ads designed to trick users into clicking on them or visiting websites.

Illegal or inflammatory ads

AdSense also prohibits the use of ads that promote illegal or inflammatory beliefs or activities. This includes ads that promote violence, hate or discrimination.

Adult or mature ads

AdSense prohibits the use of adult or mature ads on its network. This includes explicit or suggestive images, videos, or language.

5 – Implementation of an incompatible declaration

AdSense also contains specific instructions for implementing ads on websites. Some implementation issues that may lead to a denial include:

The ad code is incorrect

AdSense requires that the ad code be properly implemented on your website. If the ad code is incorrect or not placed correctly, your application may be rejected.

Modify the ad code

AdSense prohibits modification of the ad code. If you change the ad code in any way, your application may be rejected.

Incompatible ad sizes

AdSense has guidelines for ad sizes, and if your website uses non-compliant ad sizes, your application may be denied.

6 – Incompatible traffic sources

AdSense also has specific guidelines for traffic sources on its network. Some sources of traffic that may lead to rejection include:

artificial movement

AdSense prohibits the use of any method to artificially inflate traffic to your website. This includes traffic exchange programs, traffic buying, or any other technology that artificially increases traffic.

fraudulent transaction

AdSense also prohibits the use of fraudulent traffic on its network. This includes traffic generated by bots or other automated software.

illegal traffic

AdSense prohibits the use of traffic from illegal or illegal sources. This includes traffic from websites that promote illegal activities or violate AdSense policies.

7 – Non-compliance with payment information

AdSense requires accurate and complete payment information in order to pay earnings. If any of the following issues exist, your application may be rejected:

Payment information is inaccurate

It is important to provide accurate payment information when applying for AdSense. If any of the payment information you provide is incorrect, your order may be refused.

Unsupported payment method

AdSense only supports certain payment methods, and if you use an unsupported payment method, your application may be rejected.

Payment problems

If you have a history of payment problems with AdSense or other adware, your application may be denied.

8 – Previous AdSense account suspension

If you previously had a suspended AdSense account, your application may be rejected. AdSense takes account suspensions very seriously and will only accept applications from individuals or entities with a clean track record.

9 – Incompatible AdSense Program Policies

AdSense has a number of policies and guidelines that apply to all websites in its network. If you do not comply with these policies, your application may be refused. Some common AdSense program policies that may lead to disapproval include:

Use the analysis tools to monitor the performance of your content and identify any areas that may need improvement. This can help you identify and fix issues with useless content, as well as optimize your content for better results.

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